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Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are the ultimate best storage solution for any interior space. Be it a contemporary interior or a traditional one, a glass shelf is a universal option for elevating the practical and aesthetic value of the given space. Glass Genius offers a vast array of floating glass shelves. You can choose from the range of readymade collections or order custom glass shelves that are designed according to your individual specifications. So go through the collection, choose the fabricator of your choice and place your orders now!

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  1. Bent Glass Shelf Chase Series, 1/4 Inch Thick With Brackets
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  2. Trophy Glass Shelf Kit 8 X 8 Inch With Chrome Brackets
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  3. Momento Glass Shelf Kit 6 1/2 X 12 Inch With Chrome Brackets
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Glass Shelf Hardware

Glass Genius offers a complete product package. The hardware is included in the order to allow easy installation. You can also shop glass shelf brackets in your preferred finish option from our dedicated shelf hardware collections.

Readymade Glass Shelves Styles Available

We have rich collection of glass floating shelves. From design to shape variations, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Rectangle Glass Shelf

Geometric shelves are known for their sleek elegance. Rectangular glass shelves offer more coverage for optimized space utility.

Quarter Circle Glass Shelf

The Quarter circle glass shelves are glass corner shelves with a curved front edge. They offer exceptional visual brilliance complemented by ingenious space utility.

Triangle Glass Shelf

Triangle-shaped shelves are made to fit in the corners. This smart use of the given space elevates the aesthetic appeal while adding practical value to the interior setting.

Bent Glass Shelf

This unique glass wall mount shelf is achieved by bending the glass sheet at different points according to the design objective. The bent glass shelf adds two or more tiers to the wall-mounted shelf and adds a novelty value to the interior.

Available Glass Types for Floating Glass Shelves

Being the ultimate one-stop shop for glass-related requirements, Glass Genius offers a huge collection of products to fulfill the needs of different customer segments. Our premium quality wall-mounted glass shelves collection comes in different glass types. You can select your preferred glass type from the options and get glass shelves cut to size to match your unique requirements. Here are the glass options for the glass wall shelf collection.

Tempered Glass

Toughened glass is a sturdy option for indoor as well as outdoor use. The exceptional strength and weight endurance ability of the tempered glass shelf makes it a dependable option.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass shelves are popular for their incredible aesthetic appeal and novelty value. The hint of color in the clear glass adds a vibrant feel to the space. There are plenty of colored glass options to complement any interior setting.

Frosted Glass

The use of frosted glass in wall shelves adds a mystique value to the space. Frosted glass shelves reflect a dramatic contrast of clarity and opaqueness. They have the ability to exceptionally enhance the given space.

Available Floating Glass Shelves Edges

Flat Polish Edge

Pencil Polished Edge

Beveled Polished Edge

Applications of Tempered Glass Shelves

Tempered glass shelves are the perfect addition to any residential or commercial interior. The solid composition of tempered glass shelving ensures desirable strength value to hold any item. Some applications of glass wall shelves are as follows.

Glass Shelves for Living Room

Living room glass shelves offer an ideal platform to showcase your art pieces, collectibles, and souvenirs. Integrate LED lights to emphasize the art pieces and elevate the space aesthetics.

Glass Shelves for Kitchen

The kitchen glass shelves enable you to keep the cooking essentials within arm's reach. The kitchen shelves provide an added space for storing kitchen essentials, help declutter the counter space and maximize the usable space.

Glass Shelves for Bathroom

The glass bathroom shelves bring the unused wall space to optimum use. Keeping the bathroom essentials on the floating shelves not only helps make access easy but also boosts the usable space in the bathroom. You can also maximize the shower space with glass shower shelves. The glass bathroom shelf is the ultimate space-savvy solution to your bathroom storage issues.

Glass Shelves for Bar

Putting the bar essentials on the floating glass bar shelves brings the drinks collection and exquisite glassware to the limelight. The glass shelves add the ethereal vibe to the bar necessary to set the right ambiance. LED lights are typically in use with glass shelves to achieve the statement ambiance of the bar.

Glass Shelves for Cabinets

The cabinet glass shelves are the ultimate storage bonus. They are installed inside the storage cabinets to declutter the cabinet interior and provide separate compartments for neat arrangement.

Glass Shelves for Display Case

Display shelves are used in retail stores as well as house interiors. The retailers present their products on the glass halves to highlight the product and reflect the brilliance of clear shelves into their product.


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