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Shower Door Hardware

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  1. Shower Door Sweep Soft Fin 'H' Wipe For 3/8" Glass
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  2. Heavy Duty Short Back Plate Hinge (Brushed Nickel)
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  3. PVC Bulb Seal Strip For 3/8" Glass
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  4. 6 Inch Back To Back 'C' Pull Handle (Matte Black)
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Shower Door Replacement Parts

Glass Genius understands, buying top-grade shower door hardware is as significant as buying a top-notch shower door. We allow you to get your hands on the exceptionally designed hinges, U-channels, sweeps, and door handles from raw materials and modern technology. Here, you will discover an extensive range of shower door replacement parts that are valued for high functionality and supreme quality.

Pick from the vast collection here, to accommodate you in installing, repairing, and maintaining the shower cubicles the right way.

Shower Door Replacement Parts

Shower Door Hardware For Installation

Make your frameless shower door installation experience handy and smooth with the shower door parts made from stainless steel along with glossy nickel polished finishing.

Shower Door Hinges

Shower Door Hinges

  • These heavy-duty backplate glass door hinges made of stainless steel are perfect to use for 8mm to 12mm glass doors.
  • These are manufactured under care with pure materials and the movable parts like pins and springs are also made of stainless steel to provide the best possible service for years to come.
  • You can choose from 2 basic colour options (Silver and Gold) with pure Nickel polish finishing.
  • These shower door hinges allow automatic closing of the door when being closed to around 25 degrees.

Shower Door Handle

From plain stainless steel to pure brass, Glass genius provides a variety of options to choose the best ‘C’ pull shower door handle for your bathrooms.

  • ‘C’ shaped shower door handles are manufactured with around 1.5mm thicker heavy tubing.
  • 5 different colour and finishing options (brushed nickel, silver, brass, silver polished, and brass polished), all made with high-quality material and finishing.
  • These are perfect shower door handle replacements for showers doors with 1/4" to 1/2" thicker glass.
Shower Door Handle
Shower Door Sweep

Shower Door Sweep

Browse these limpid range of glass shower door sweeps, or shower door seals, which are multi-purpose and accommodate the auto wipe while opening and closing the door.

  • Buy from an extensive range of thicknesses available from 6mm to 12mm, available for all types of glass thickness.
  • From one-piece bottom rail to H-jamb and L-angle jamb, almost all types of styles are at hand.
  • Snap at the bottom of the glass door and enjoy the auto-sweep while opening or closing the door, no mess further!

Buy Cheap Shower Door Parts For Your Bathroom

Buy a range of shower door parts from Glass Genius to provide extended high functionality to modern bathrooms. We guarantee an excellent shower stall repairing experience with easy-to-handle top-level shower door parts (Sweeps, hinges, and handles). The high-end finishing and stainless steel material protect the parts from getting oxidised even after years of use! Get the parts or entire shower enclosures NOW, for low-end and inexpensive prices from glass venders all across the US!


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