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Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of more space. This effect is very useful in improving small spaces. However, they are also the main decor item in posh places. Hotels, salons, and spas use them as a focal point. They make it a point to channel the charm of mirrors.

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Buy Cheap Mirrors for Homes and Offices

Wall mirrors give a whole new look to the interior. They are a practical addition to homes and offices.

Glass Genius offers a wide variety of budget-friendly large mirrors. At Glass Genius, you can buy cheap mirrors for your homes and offices. If you cannot find a product that fits your taste, choose the custom order option. You can get the highest quality custom wall mirrors from Glass Genius.

So place your orders and elevate the interior space.

Affordable Mirrors

Best Quality Mirrors for Sale

Small or large, mirrors have the flair to improve any interior space.

Glass Genius offers the highest quality mirrors for sale. The suppliers on the platform pay great attention to details. They use the highest quality materials to fulfill each order. At Glass Genius, you can find oval, rectangular, square, and many other types of mirrors. Head over to the platform to explore your options.

Best Quality Mirrors for Sale

Available Shapes for Wall-mounted Mirrors

Wall-mounted mirrors come in many different shapes. Each shape has its own perks and esthetic value.

Geometric shapes create a balanced look. A round mirror softens the sharp edges, while a custom shape adds character to the space.

Glass Genius has a vast collection of wall-mounted mirrors. You can choose any product according to your needs. The vendors at Glass Genius also offer custom-cut mirrors. Avail of the custom order option and get what you want.

Improve the Home Interior with a Residential Mirror

If you want to glam up an interior space, residential mirrors are your way to go. They adorn the interior and create an illusion of more space. You can instantly perk up any room with wall mirrors.

Floor mirrors are great for adding a focal point to the sitting area. Ornate designs work best for bedrooms, while oval bathroom mirrors are statement items for bathrooms.

So go ahead, buy wall mirrors and make a style statement!

Residential Mirror

Commercial Mirrors to Level Up the Style

A posh vibe is highly desirable in commercial buildings. Full-Length Wall Mirrors are a symbol of class. So the designers use them in hotels, luxury spas, gyms, and offices to create a fancy look. The unique commercial mirrors add a feeling of grandeur to the interior. They make a classy impression on the clientele, guests, and visitors.

So make sure to integrate the charm of shiny surfaces into the offices.

Commercial Mirrors

Types of Edges for Mirrors

Don’t overlook the edge types on your bathroom mirrors! The edge can give the mirror a whole new elegance, depending on the design. Mirror edge types include:

Flat Polished Edge
Flat Polished Edge

which are polished along a flat surface for simplistic designs.

Beveled Polished Edge
Beveled Polished Edge

this one is polished and cut on an angle, giving the mirror an added elegance.

Seamed Edge
Seamed Edge

which is perfect for mirrors that are going into frames.

Enhance the Look with Wall-Mounted Mirrors
Enhance the Look with Wall-Mounted Mirrors

Whether you want to brighten up a dark corner or glam up the interior, wall mirrors are the answer. They add practical and esthetic value to the interior. So add them to your space and make a statement.

Decorative mirrors come in a variety of shapes and styles. Pick any design and grace your interior space with its charm.

Bathroom Mirrors to Increase the Practical Value
Bathroom Mirrors to Increase the Practical Value

The bathroom interior is incomplete without a mirror. Bathroom wall mirrors add style and practical value to the space. Choose any type and shape to level up the interior.

Vanity Mirrors for Bathrooms and Powder Rooms
Vanity Mirrors for Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

The lighted mirrors are the talk of the town. They offer exceptional charm and high practical value. You can use them in the bathroom or set up a separate vanity room.

Floor Mirrors for an Open Vibe
Floor Mirrors for an Open Vibe

Leaning floor-length mirrors are a great decor item. They are especially effective for small spaces. They reflect more light and create an illusion of a bigger space. So, flair up your interior with full-size mirrors.

How to Install Mirrors

When you are ready to install your new mirror, keep these steps in mind to make sure that you are hanging the mirror safely and correctly.

Take Measurement

Measure the mirror and the wall where you want to hang it. Note the numbers. Double-check for accuracy.

Check for Studs

If you have wall studs, use them to hang the mirror. Otherwise, go for drywall anchors.

Make a Mark

Make a mark on the wall where you want to drill holes. You will need multiple screws to hang large mirrors. In that case, make sure to use a level for screw adjustment.

How to Install Mirrors

Drill the Screws

Use drill-to-drill screws for studs. In the case of drywall, hammer the anchors into the marks.

Hang the Mirror

Carefully lift the mirror and place the hanging wire over the screws. Lower it without letting go until the wire is secure on the screws. You may need a few tries to get it right.

Level it

As a final step, use your level to make sure the mirror is straight. Make minor adjustments as needed.

How to Install Mirrors

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