Rectangle Lighted LED Bathroom And Vanity Mirror 36 X 72 Inch With Anti Fog, Adjustable Light Color And Dimmer Touch Sensors

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- Copper-Free, High Definition Silver Mirror
- Input: AC110V-50/60Hz
- Lighting: 25W, 1400Lm
- 6 Key Touch Sensor
- 3000K-4000K-6500K CCT Step Change Dimming
- 80cm Power Cord End with Copper Wire
- Can be Hanged Vertical & Horizontal
- With Anti-Fog Heated Pad
- ETL Certified
- DIY easy to install LED Mirror
-You can use in Bathroom, Living room, Kitchen, Hotel, Hair Salon, and Commercial

Product Details

Size: 36 x 72 Inch
Shape: Rectangle
Weight: 75lb
Thickness: 1
Strength: Tempered
Polish: Flat

Shipping Details

Shipping Weight: 109lb

LED Mirror Product Description: 

The contemporary copper-free silver  LED Mirror with lights is a revolutionary décor element designed for homes, offices, and interior spaces in need of added illumination. This mirror portrays state-of-the-art technology and is tailor-made for the chic and sophisticated homes of today. There are endless applications of the LED mirror in an interior space, and these full-size dressing mirrors are perfect for vanity rooms, bedrooms, and other places.

These backlit mirrors are available in numerous shapes and sizes including square, rectangular, and circular, and offer multiple customization options. You can either select a square-shaped edge or an arc-shaped edge as per your exclusive design and home décor needs. These modernistic mirrors also come with added features such as Anti-Fog Heating Pad, Touch Switches, Memory Functions, and special mounting holders.


LED Mirror Specifications and Features: 

The touch sensor-packed and copper-free silver LED mirror is a high-tech and innovative décor item designed to illuminate the living space in a glamorous way. This multi-purpose mirror comes with touch switches and a memory function designed to provide a dimmable illumination solution for your vanity room or bedroom. A six-key touch sensor is used to adjust the LED light settings and the mirror is lit by a 50 watts LED. There are also other LED options available such as 20 watts or 30 watts light bulbs. There are light settings saved in the mirror’s memory and every button has its function and it also has a multiple tapping feature for light adjustments.

Designed to run on 110 volts power, there are multiple sizes of backlit mirrors available both in a horizontal and vertical orientation. The visual features of the mirror vary with the model types yet the power specification and extra features remain the same. The mirrors are also shipped with an 80 cm power cord with a copper wire tailor-made for contemporary homes. These eco-friendly mirrors are perfect for modern homes as they easily satisfy energy conservation needs. The back-end of the mirror holds all the sensors and is designed in a minimalistic and elegant way.


In addition to this, the modernistic LED mirrors also have an Anti-Fog Heating Pad that serves the function of a defogger. This cuts down the frequent need for cleaning the mirror and makes sure the mirror stays translucent and clear like new for longer.


Applications and Uses of LED Mirror: 
These glamorous LED mirrors are widely used as dressing mirrors, vanity mirrors, and decorative mirrors in the bedroom. Showcasing unparalleled grace and style, these mirrors are perfect for contemporary homes exhibiting modern décor themes. In modern homes, the  LED vanity mirrors are rapidly replacing the outdated ordinary vanity mirrors and serve as the focal point of interior space. Ideal to be used as makeup mirrors, the modern  LED makeup mirror shines a light on you and helps you look the best. Available with multiple edge styles, homeowners can also customize their lighted mirror as per their exclusive décor needs.

Homeowners use these mirrors as both functional and decorative décor elements as it truly augments the entire outlook of the living space. Adding in a  LED mirror with lights in one of your bedrooms creates an unparalleled sense of luxury and sophistication. Not to forget, the full-size dressing mirrors play a key role in creating an illusion of increased space and make the room look and feel airy and spacious.


Benefits of Installing LED Mirror: 
There are myriads of benefits of having a  vanity mirror with lights in your interior space. Most importantly, these exceptional décor elements make your home look much more fascinating and extravagant. Resonating a feel of luxury and extravagance, these mirrors are designed to augment the visual beauty of the interior space. Use it as a  LED makeup mirror or simply as a decorative bedroom mirror, it is certain its beauty will lift the entire living space.

Another key benefit of the contemporary LED mirror is its eco-friendly features and touch switches and sensors. There aren’t many decorative products that can beat the tech brilliance of the backlit mirrors. This mirror offers tons of light adjustment options all at a single touch. Besides this, this is an environmentally-friendly décor piece and is 100% copper-free. This mirror benefits the environment in multiple ways and brightly advocates your love for eco-friendly home décor. Fitted with an Anti-Fog Heating pad, it is a perfect lighted mirror to have in your contemporary and stylish home.

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