Back Painted Glass

Just as the name implies, back painted glass is the glass that has been painted or coated on the backside while the front side remains glossy clear. This type of glass is gaining popularity as a design element in the contemporary interior. It is a great alternative to surface materials like tiles and laminates. Back painted glass is used both in residential and commercial buildings as an aesthetic cue. It delivers a sleek and modernistic look. Back painted glass gives off an upscale and elegant feel. The color and design diversity makes it the perfect upgrade for the interior.

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What is back painted glass?

As the name implies, the backside of the back painted glass is coated with a layer of paint while the front side is left clear and glossy. This approach is used to give color to the glass sheets. A back painted glass is no longer transparent, instead, it reflects the color it is back painted with. The solid color gives a futuristic look to the glass sheets that's the reason why the back painted glass has taken over tiles and laminates and other surfacing materials. It is available in a wide spectrum of colors and designs. The back painted glass lends a sleek and posh look to the interior. Therefore, it is highly valued in residential as well as commercial projects.

How to DIY Back Painted Glass

One of the major reasons why the back painted glass has reached heights of popularity is its versatility. It is available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles to go with any interior space. Be it a high-profile office or a contemporary home kitchen, back painted glass works well for any space. The shiny front side and the glass back paint design together create a radiant combination that has the flair to elevate any interior space instantly.

From solid color to an intricate glass back paint design, you can get your hands on any type of back painted glass and adorn your space. The option of custom back painted glass can also be availed to add a touch of your unique personality to the interior space. There is a vast array of design opportunities for you at Glass Genius. Below are some of the popular glass back paint designs options.


Back painted glass is typically available in multiple edging options. Different edge finishes are suitable for different applications. So it's recommended to select the right edge finish according to the project requirements. Pencil, flat, polished, and smooth finishes are some of the edge options available for the back painted glass.


The edges of the polished back painted glass are smoothed and polished to give a fine finish to the glass. Polished back painted glass is ideal for applications where you want to achieve high aesthetic value. It is used in the contemporary interiors for kitchen backsplash and other surfacing purposes. Polished back painted glass renders a high-end look to the interior and offers an ultra-luxe view.


The beveled back painted glass has beveled edges. An angled surface is created at the edges of the glass sheet by cutting the edges at a specific angle. The beveled finish is highly valued for its visual appeal. The beveled edges act as a prism and create fascinating color diffraction that highlights the aesthetics of back painted glass. Beveled back painted glass is used to enhance the interior of modern homes.


Seamed back painted glass is the one whose edges are lightly sanded to remove any sharp bumps and burrs from the edges. The seamed back painted glass is a classical pick for interior applications. It can be used to add plush surfacing to the interior. Seamed back painted glass is an economical choice for interior improvement projects.

Back Painted VS Acrylic VS Lacquered Glass

Glass is a fascinating material. It adds splendor to any space. Different decorative variants of glass have elevated the status of glass even more. Back painted, lacquered, and high gloss acrylic are some of the popular variants of glass that add an exceptional class to the space.

The high-gloss acrylic glass is a highly transparent material that sets a remarkable trance with its high optical clarity. Back painted glass on the other hand is an opaque glass that displays a design or color that is painted on its backside. However, the lacquered glass takes the wooden aesthetics to a next level. The lacquered glass is painted with lacquer on the backside while the front side is all-shiny and glossy. It boasts a modern wooden finish which is preferably used in furniture items and interior applications.

Back Painted Catalog images in different colors

Back painted glass is a contemporary design element that adorns the residential interiors as much as the commercial ones. The fine look and polished finish render an exceptional class to the space in which back painted glass is used. Due to its eminent charm, back painted glass has become a preferred choice of constructors and homeowners for surfacing. It is easy to clean, requires minimum maintenance, and offers an ultra-luxe appearance.

We offer a huge collection of glass back paint designs. Here are some of our favorite picks from the collection. Have a look and take inspiration for the next home improvement project.

Sizes and Thickness Availability

Glass genius pledges to become your go-to place for all your glass and mirror-related product requirements. We offer a lot of design options in all our product categories.

Back painted glass is an exquisite addition to the interior. You may require different sizes and dimensions of back painted glass for your particular project requirements. We cater to all your requirements. There are plenty of sizes, finishes, and thickness options for the back painted glass. You can also avail of the custom back painted glass options and get the back painted glass designed according to your individual requirements. At Glass Genius, there are a lot of options for you to explore.

Different Uses of Back Painted Glass

The uses for back painted glass are countless. From kitchen backsplash to furniture finishes and office walls to home surfacing, back painted glass can be employed anywhere. You can also create DIY back painted glass for the DIY home improvement projects. Some of the uses for back painted glass are mentioned below.

Seamless or nearly seamless

Unlike tiles and laminates, the back painted glass is installed in a seamless or nearly seamless manner to give a coherent feel. Due to seamless installation, it's super-easy to clean and maintain the back painted glass. The continuous flow of back painted glass is highly valued in surfacing applications that justifies its popularity in the backsplash and other such applications.

Custom glass table tops

The furniture sets are incomplete without glass tables. Clear glass table tops lose their aesthetic charm over time due to the visible scrapes and scratches. Custom back painted glass table tops on the other hand demonstrates a solid color or design which overshadows the scratches that may appear on the table top surface over time. Moreover back painted table tops also add color and life to the flat interiors.

Modern bar tops

Contrary to the customary trends, the modern bar incorporates back painted glass to add a pop of color to the interior. The bar interiors should be interesting and lively to bring in more customers. Back painted glass serves this purpose fully. Moreover, it is easy to clean the spills and stains off the back painted bar tops.

Kitchen Island

Back painted glass finds multiple applications in the kitchen. The modern kitchen interior prop kitchen islands. The back painted glass is popularly used as the countertop for the kitchen islands in contemporary interiors. It is easy to clean and gives a plush look to the kitchen. The back painted glass is also notably used for kitchen backsplash.

Back Painted Glass Installation

Back painted glass is a great design material for interior as well as exterior enhancement. At glass genius, you can easily get your hands on any type of back painted glass on the basis of design, color, or back paint glass price. You can get the back painted for glaziers as well.

When it comes to installation, the complexity depends on the application. If you want to install a small glass panel on the kitchen island, you can do it yourself with some assistance. However, complete kitchen backsplash or wall paneling would require professional skills. The installation becomes hard depending on the size and thickness of the glass panels. At glass genius, we offer superior installation services for you. Avail the services and level up your interior.

Back Painted Glass in Commercial Buildings

Back painted glass is highly used in commercial buildings for its aesthetic value. It is installed on the interior walls of the commercial buildings to set an enhanced ambiance. Offices feature back painted glass panels as walls and cabin partitions. A vibrant interior is set up by using colorful glass panels on the reception and information desks. Colored glass boards are used in offices for presentations and meetings. Back painted glass panels are used to create a lively work environment. Similarly, restaurants and high-end hotels employ colored glass panels for elevating the mood and setting an exceptional aura. Back painted glass is used in the interior as well as the exterior of commercial buildings.

How to Clean Back Painted Glass

Cleaning the back painted glass is very easy. All you need is a clean piece of cloth and soap water. Apply the sap water on the cloth and wipe the stains off the glass surface. You don't need to use any harsh cleaners or chemicals. Easy maintenance is one of the pros of using back painted glass.


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