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An insulated glass unit containing multiple glass panes, probably 2 or 3, packed together with tight air space between the panels, dispenses insulating traits. This entire course of action makes insulated glass panels used perfectly in tropical countries. In general, it controls temperature when inserted at sloped glazings, commercial curtain walls, skylights, conference rooms, studios, insulated glass roofs, and indoors or insulated windows.

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Replacement Insulated Glass Panels

Buy replacement double pane window glass from the listed and experienced manufacturers at Glass Genius to increase the temperature control during hot summers, or too cool breezes. Double pane window glass replacement isn’t that tough, though, these days, so could be the best and easiest replacement glass unit.

Replacement Insulated Glass Panels

How Much Does Insulated Glass Cost?

How Much Does Insulated Glass Cost?

Well, for the lowest budget, insulating glass generally costs around $10 per square foot. Glass Genius makes it affordable for you by keeping the market price along with a top-grade quality, and an array of design options to fulfil the needs of customers regarding the best glass for insulated window panels. Anyways, the total cost of double pane windows would be somewhere around $3,500 to $10,000, depending upon the size and quantity your project demands.

Common Ways To Prevent Heat Loss through Insulated Glass Windows

Choose from the several most common types of glass used to make a worthy insulated glass unit. Choose from the below types of glass depending upon their various factors like exposure to sun or heat, climate control, etc.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass to use where safety and glazings are needed hand-to-hand. Use tempered glass for dual pane windows to provide strength and increase insulation.

Low-Emission Glass

Low-Emission Glass

Low-emission double pane glass with a thin metal oxide coating permits heat and sunlight to enter the room, yet obstructs heat from leaving the confined space. This reduces heat loss in homes and buildings.

Double and Triple Insulated Pane Windows

Double and Triple Insulated Pane Windows

Double and triple-pane windows are specifically constructed for insulation purposes. Double pane insulated glass windows keep air tightly inside the two panes and almost block the heat leakage through the windows.

Reflective Coatings

Reflective Coatings

Glass with reflective coatings from the outside helps in blocking the glare plus stops excessive heat reduction.

Colored/Tinted Glass

Colored/Tinted Glass

Tinted insulated glass windows are vaguely painted with any colour to prevent the maximum amount of heat from entering any space and also provide not-so-clear reflection.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of insulated glass?

The insulated glass unit constructed with two or more glass panes by capturing the air in between the spaces prevents extreme heat loss and is best for modern homes, especially in tropical areas.

Is insulated glass the same as tempered glass?

Well, tempered or any other type of glass can be used or replaced for insulated glass units, to protect from extreme climates, creepy noises, and harsh forces. Tempered glass breaks into smaller harmless pieces and the IGU will have some security glass or annealed glass.

How can you tell if the glass is insulated?

You can easily check if the object reflects for once on the glass, which means it has a single pane of glass, and definitely, it's not an Insulated Glass Unit. However, if the object reflects double or triple on the glass, it is an IGU and double or triple pane windows, respectively.

What is the average thickness of the insulated glass?

Insulated glass is manufactured by keeping the thickness ranging from 3 to 10mm maximum. Normally, 3mm or 4mm thick glass is required for usual applications and thicker glass for some special implementations.

How much does it cost to replace a double pane window?

The approximate cost for a double pane window with a standard size is from $380 to $900 per window. The total cost depends upon various factors, for example, brand choice, labour rates, type, framings, and selection of glass.

Can double-pane windows be replaced?
Are double pane windows effective?

Double pane windows or triple-pane windows are much more efficient than single-pane windows that are usually found in traditional house structures. You can control/minimise your energy bills.


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