Plexi & Acrylic Glass

Plexiglass has become the most popular alternative to glass due to its strength, high UV resistance, and durability. Modern large windows, shower doors, display cabinets, greenhouse, and a lot more things are made of acrylic sheets to ensure shatter-resistance and safety. Plexiglass is also used in DIY projects for its ease of cutting ability.

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Plexiglass is a universally used material for many reasons. A vast array of products are commonly made from Plexiglass, and its usefulness in application, shape, and affordability make it an excellent choice for whatever your glass needs. With strength, safety, and versatility on your side, choose top-quality Plexiglass for your next project!

Plexiglass/Acrylic Glass Properties

Plexiglass, sometimes referred to as acrylic glass, has many characteristics that make it such an outstanding choice for so many different uses. Some of the best traits that make Plexiglass a great choice include:


Plexiglass is a very strong and durable form of glass that can serve many purposes.


Compared to ordinary glass, Plexiglass is far lighter, making it easier to maneuver and install in large quantities and tough places.

Highly Transparent

Top-quality glass is supposed to be crystal clear. With Plexiglass, that is exactly what you get—a highly transparent material.

Easy to Cut

Need your glass cut to unique specs? Plexiglass is easy to cut into whatever shape you need.


Buying new glass shouldn’t break the bank. Plexiglass is an affordable alternative.


In addition to its strength, acrylic glass is also shatter-resistant, making it a safe alternative to traditional glass.

Difference Between Glass And Plexiglass

While glass and Plexiglass share many features, they also differ in some important ways. Keep these things in mind when choosing the right material for your needs:

Characteristic Glass Plexiglass
Stronger No Yes
Shatterproof No Yes
Density High Low
Recyclable Yes No
Cost Efficient High Low

Plexiglass Types

Plexiglass comes in many different types of products, including some of the most popular types:

Clear Acrylic Mirrors

A unique surface that looks clear across the room yet offers a great reflection like a mirror.

Colored Plexiglass Sheets

Add some color to your lifestyle with some colored Plexiglass sheets.

Plexiglass Mirror

With profound reflective qualities, Plexiglass mirrors are outstanding alternatives to regular mirrors.

Major Usage of Plexiglass

Regardless of your glass needs, Plexiglass is always a premium quality solution. Here are some of the best uses for Plexiglass:

Window Replacement

Need to replace an old window? Upgrade to a Plexiglass window to help improve insulation and durability, lasting far longer than ordinary glass.


Greenhouses are reliant upon being lightweight, strong, and energy-efficient, keeping the warm air inside. Plexiglass is the best option.

Table Tops

For a strong, durable, and safe table, turn to Plexiglass. Lighter than wood and ordinary glass, and shatter-resistant so you can feel confident in the table’s longevity.

Food Display

Lightweight, easy to install, and incredibly clear, Plexiglass is the best option for dividers between food displays.

Sneeze Guard

Hygiene is important! The best material for quality sneeze guards is Plexiglass.

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