Plexi & Acrylic Glass

Plexiglass has become the most popular alternative to glass due to its strength, high UV resistance, and durability. Modern large windows, shower doors, display cabinets, greenhouse, and a lot more things are made of acrylic sheets to ensure shatter-resistance and safety. This glass material is also used in DIY projects for its ease of cutting ability.

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Plexiglass Sheets

Plexiglass is a universally used material for many reasons. A vast array of products are commonly made from this glass, and its usefulness in application, shape, and affordability make it an excellent choice for whatever your glass needs. With strength, safety, and versatility on your side, choose top-quality plexiglass sheets for your next project!

Acrylic/Plexiglass Properties

Plexiglass, sometimes referred to as acrylic glass, has many characteristics that make it such an outstanding choice for so many different uses. Some of the best traits that make it a great choice include:

Plexiglass Ideal for Home Improvement

Owing to its high strength value, durability, and versatility, the experts render plexiglass as an ideal material for home improvement projects. Acrylic plexiglass is available in a variety of colors, finishes, and shapes to endorse even the most extraordinary home improvement projects.


Plexiglas is a strong and durable form of glass that can serve many purposes, such as plexiglass windows and plexi boards are highly durable options.

DIY with Plexiglass

Acrylic or plexiglass is not only the professionals’ absolute best but also a favorite pick of the creative souls. DIY enthusiasts value plexiglass for its design versatility and ease of use. You can easily cut and handle plexiglass acrylic sheets at home and create remarkable DIY projects.


Compared to ordinary glass, acrylic is a far lighter, making it easier to maneuver and install in large quantities and tough places.

Interior Décor

From clear acrylic furniture to decor items and floating shelves to room dividers, plexiglass has countless applications in interior decor. acrylic plexiglass is equally gracing the residential as well as commercial building interiors with its exceptional class and brilliance.

Highly Transparent

Top-quality glass is supposed to be crystal clear. With acrylic sheets, that is exactly what you get—a highly transparent material.


Plexiglass acrylic sheets are widely used in interior finishing nowadays. The clear and shiny acrylic glass sheets render a luxurious feel to the interior which is highly valued in commercial settings like hotels, restaurants, and salons. Unlike glass, acrylic is shatterproof so it is preferably used for achieving the refined glossy feel.

Easy to Cut

Need your glass cut to unique specs? Plexiglas is easy to cut into whatever shape you need.


Buying new glass shouldn’t break the bank. So here comes acrylic is an affordable alternative.


In addition to its strength, acrylic sheet is also shatter-resistant, making it a safe alternative to traditional glass.

Difference Between Glass And Plexiglass

While glass and plexiglass share many features, they also differ in some important ways. Keep these things in mind when choosing the right material for your needs:

Characteristic Glass Plexiglass
Stronger No Yes
Shatterproof No Yes
Density High Low
Recyclable Yes No
Cost Efficient High Low

Plexiglass Types

Plexiglass comes in many different types of products, including some of the most popular types:

Clear Acrylic Mirrors

Clear Acrylic mirrors offer a unique surface that looks clear yet offers a great reflection across the room like a glass mirror.

Colored Plexiglass Sheet

Colored plexiglass sheets are perfect to add some vibrancy and liveliness in your interior.

Plexiglass Mirror

With profound reflective qualities, Plexiglass mirrors are outstanding alternatives to regular mirrors.

Uses of Acrylic Glass Sheets

Acrylic glass is a one-of-its-kind material. It rapidly gained popularity among designers and homeowners due to its incredible properties. The shatterproof nature and design versatility have opened new realms of the interior as well as exterior applications for plexiglass. It is very light in weight which makes the acrylic glass sheets easy to handle. Moreover, it is highly customizable. You can easily access cut to size plexiglass which renders it a great pick for DIY projects. Acrylic glass sheets are extremely resilient to hard impacts which justifies their wide utility in the construction industry. Due to its high optical clarity, acrylic glass is now deemed the perfect alternative to glass.

Acrylic Glass Sneeze Guard

Sneeze guards are an absolute must to carry out daily activities safely in the deadly pandemic. The glass sheets are breakable, so it is not wise to use sneeze guards made up of glass in public places. The shatterproof acrylic glass sneeze guards serve as the perfect protectors against viral diseases in public places.

Acrylic for Home Décor

Acrylic decor items are trending in the interior decor. It is used for adorning residential as well as commercial interior settings. plexiglass encompasses each aspect of the interior enhancement. acrylic glass sheet calendars, photo frames, acrylic mirrors, and exquisite wall art is all the rage these days. plexiglass is the perfect material to perk up any interior setting.

Acrylic Home Furniture

Contemporary interior trends follow a simple and minimalist approach. Rigid and heavy furniture items are therefore losing their popularity. Acrylic furniture is taking the spotlight now. It is a super light, clear, and aesthetic addition to the interior. The floating furniture items create a clean, refined, and aesthetic look in the interior which goes completely with the current interior trends.

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is a popular trend in the modern cabinet glass interior. It gives a clean and polished look to the kitchen. The acrylic kitchen backsplash helps keep the walls clean and protects against the common issues of mold and mildew growth. It eliminates the risks of hard stains and makes kitchen cleaning quick and easy. Moreover, the kitchen backsplash is available in different styles, colors, and designs to grace your kitchen according to your taste.

Sliding Doors

Clear glass doors look pretty but pose a serious security threat as glass is breakable. However, you can realize your dream of having transparent doors with acrylic plexiglass. acrylic glass is practically unbreakable so you can easily install acrylic plexiglass doors inside your home as well as the main entrance, without worrying about the safety value.


Glass is typically used in windows but it easily breaks on a hard impact or severe weather conditions. plexiglass windows are the perfect pick for residential and commercial buildings. plexiglass windows are shatterproof, thus they offer high safety value. go for plexiglass replacement windows and make your humble abode secure.

Colors Variation in Plexiglass

The color variation of acrylic glass sheets is one of the main reasons why acrylic plexiglass is valued so much for residential and commercial uses. acrylic plexiglass is available in a wide assortment of colors and designs. The standard acrylic glass tints include red, green, orange, yellow, blue, and brown. However, if you want a custom color, you can also order personalization in acrylic glass. just name a color and you can get plexiglass sheets in it.

The color versatility of plexiglass acrylic sheets can be used in kitchen backsplash to achieve a unique kitchen interior, plexiglass replacement windows or to create incredible DIY home improvement projects. acrylic glass sheets are used for display purposes and signage due to the color variation. The colored acrylic glass sheets can be opaque, mirrored, or transparent, based on the client’s preferences. There are no boundaries to the color and design versatility of acrylic glass.

Available Colors


Types of Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic glass is classified into different categories owing to the specific traits it possesses.

UV filtering acrylic sheet

Acrylic glass has an inherent ability to filter the harmful radiations of the sun. it blocks up to 98% of UV radiations to pass through which is much more than the standard glass does. Therefore, acrylic glass is considered an ideal material for UV protection.

Museum Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic glass has high optical clarity. In fact, it is better at allowing the visible light to pass through than the standard glass. plexiglass is extremely transparent therefore it is highly used for display purposes in museums.

Anti Static Plexiglass

The anti-static acrylic plexiglass sheets are coated with a transparent anti-static material that prevents the accumulation of static electricity on the surface. This type of acrylic sheet has high resistance against abrasions and chemicals.

UV Transmitting Acrylic Sheet

UV transmitting plexi acrylic sheets allow the UV rays to pass through. This trait is needed for some applications like indoor sustaining equipment, Solaris, medical treatment and diagnosing devices, and full-spectrum lighting applications. UV transmitting acrylic offers excellent transparency and quality.

Frame Grade Acrylic

Frame grade acrylic is highly transparent, defect-free, and glossy surface acrylic glass that is mostly used in photograph frames, artworks, and shadow boxes. you can get cut to size plexiglass for art-specific applications.

Infrared Plastic Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic glass sheets that allow the infrared rays of light to pass through them are categorized as infrared plastic acrylic glass. It is perfect to be used in applications where you want to monitor some hidden phenomena like security cameras, entertainment, and audio equipment.

Lucite Block Acrylic

Lucite block acrylic glass is used in the production of low-profile channel letters. It is mostly used in signage and displays. The LED lights are laid into the acrylic panel to offer sleek letter designs.

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic

The abrasion-resistant acrylic glass has an abrasion-resistant coating on both sides. The coating provides 40 times more resistance to chemical abrasion and damage s compared to the standard acrylic glass. It is used in applications where acrylic is exposed to harsh chemicals.

Impact Modified Acrylic Sheeting

Acrylic glass is basically a solid and firm type of glass but it is strengthened even more through a continuous process of sheet blending. This process makes acrylic glass sheets at least 10 times stronger than general-purpose acrylic plexiglass. The strength value can be increased even more by repeating the strengthening process. It is mostly used in outdoor applications.

Black and White Acrylic

The type of acrylic glass is made up of cast acrylic. Black and white acrylic glass use a unique formula that makes the acrylic look dark in the day and bright at night.

Does plexiglass break easily?

Acrylic plexiglass is an incredible material with exceptionally high strength value. Normally on a hard impact, glass breaks. However, acrylic glass stands its ground even after 10 to 20 continuous hard impacts which proves its high strength value. Acrylic plexiglass is almost unbreakable and considered a shatterproof alternative to glass. Due to its strength, plexiglass is used in high-profile applications.

Acrylic glass is at least 17 times more impact-resistant than the ordinary glass sheet which means that it requires a lot of force to break or even crack the acrylic glass sheets. However, continuous hard impacts can damage the plexiglass acrylic sheets. Unlike glass, the plexiglass acrylic sheets shatter into small harmless shards that don't pose an injury risk. That's one of the reasons why plexiglass windows and doors are recommended by the experts. So, it's safe to say that breaking an acrylic plexiglass sheet takes a lot of grunt work, and it doesn't break easily.

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