Colored Plexiglass

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Colored Acrylic Sheets

Plexiglass can be colored easily and is widely used in modern interiors. The reason is the top-notch quality that makes it able to stand against all kinds of wear and tear. Commonly known as a colored acrylic sheet, the tinted plexiglass amplifies its charm and the shatter-resistant feature indicates the ceaseless strength. From increasing in attractiveness to safety, this colored plexiglass is All-in-One!

Colored Acrylic Sheets

Available Colours and Custom Cut Option!

Available Colours and Custom Cut Option!

Tinted plexiglass comes in 3 primary colour options and transparencies; Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Red Blue Yellow

Colored acrylic sheets come in an array of Thickness, Size, Edging, and Corner Finishing options! The standard thickness of this glass can vary from 1/16" to 3" and 4", depending upon your requirement. Whereas, typical acrylic sheet sizes can be up to 6'x10'. We, at Glass Genius, do offer custom cut options for those who can’t find their desired shape or size in the list of ready-made plexiglass.

So, place a custom order now to get the perfect shape and style of Your Glass!

Uses of Colored Plexiglass
Perfect As Cabinet Glass
Perfect As Cabinet Glass

Plexiglass is commonly known as privacy glass as it enhances the privacy of any space. But, there’s much more else, like you can put on colour and freshness to your home by adding colored plexiglass to home and kitchen cabinets.

Ideal for Glass Shelves
Ideal for Glass Shelves

Think of the glass shelves which are strong plus chic! These tinted acrylic sheets are perfect to use as glass shelves either in bedrooms or TV lounges. You can make an art gallery by adding colourful shelves and placing your shield, photo frames, and much more.

Back Painted Glass for Kitchen
Back Painted Glass for Kitchen

Without any doubt, back-painted glass is perfect for the kitchen. Either add it as a backsplash, countertops or one can even cover the entire cabinetry wall with 1 chosen colored plexiglass. Glass genius offers quality glass that’s going to stand firmly for many years coming ahead.

Room Divider in Offices
Colourful Sign Boards

Do you need a signboard for the office, or maybe for your little but own home? These acrylic colourful signboards will accompany you in the best possible way. Gone are the days when people mark their names on wooden signboards! Make it brighter yet transparent now!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can Tinted Plexiglass Be Used As Outdoors?

The answer is simply Yes! The reason is, acrylic sheets have a great ability to resist harsh weather and usually do not get affected. If, in any case, it breaks, it does not shatter and harm anyone. So, clear plexiglass is a favourable option for the outdoors.

Does Plexiglass Discolour?

Plexiglass is carefully manufactured to last for at least 10 years. Meaning that until and unless harsh cleaning sprays, which contain ammonia, are used or not cared for properly, they may eventually get faded or yellow.

Can Plexiglass Be Tinted?

Definitely! Plexiglass or acrylic sheets can be tinted easily, but the only thing that bothers is that it may affect the cost!

Why Choose a Colored Acrylic Sheet?

There are many reasons to choose a tinted acrylic sheet, including affordability, ability to last for as long as possible while providing great strength, it offers ample light transmission, plus one can use it as partial privacy glass, too.


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