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What is MirroView™?

Nowadays, almost every device you come across is considered “smart”. Think of smartphones, smart tablets, and even smart cars! You might be surprised to learn that there is a smart version of mirror glass. MirroView™ glass, or a digital smart touch mirror, is a type of magic mirror that is highly reflective coated glass that can be used as a two-way mirror. Unique MirroView™ functions as a “magic mirror”, and can be used with photo booth glass distributors, video games and exercise screens, and mirror televisions that allow the viewers to see themselves along with other visuals simultaneously. MirroView™ has an “on” and “off” option so it can be turned on when in use and turned off to act as a regular mirror. Tempered MirroView™ is made by sending glass through a tempering oven and heating it over 1100 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooling it, making it an incredibly durable and strong type of glass.

How Does MirroView™ Work?

MirroView™ glass works like a two-way mirror that offers a 74 percent reflective effect from the coated surface and 20 percent visible transmission. This is ideal for use with monitors or television screens when you do not want ambient light reflecting off of the screen. Digital MirroView™ options are often found in areas where you might see a digital screen, such as hotel lobbies, airports, shopping malls, and restaurants. Recently there has been an increase in MirroView™glass used in family homes for interactive digital experiences. You can order custom shape MirroView™ to meet your project design needs.

Digital Mirroview

MirroView™ glass can be found in digital display mirrors and video screens for smart homes and can be used to control the functions of a home. This includes controlling the thermostat, internet, light effects, and more. Digital television screens with MirroView™ glass are popular for home exercise programs and interactive family video games.

Benefits of Using MirroView™

The benefits of using MirroView™ glass are endless. This type of glass is available in multiple sizes and shapes, with varying levels of thickness. MirroView™ glass is extremely reflective and visually pleasing, which catches the eye of onlookers for marketing purposes. MirroView™ glass can be used for digital screens with the option to hide the extra visuals when it is not in use, allowing it to have a dual purpose that can be interactive or simply a beautiful object in your design space MirroView™ glass is made of the highest quality and most up-to-date materials, which will modernize your space and add sophistication to your design.

Smart Touch Mirrors

MirroView™ glass can be used in a bathroom setting for smart touch mirrors. The highly reflective coating of the glass provides the perfect surface to provide clear and precise views of your reflection and surroundings. The digital aspect that can be added to MirroView™ is perfect for digital visuals with the weather and time visible so that viewers can prepare for their day while looking in the mirror to get ready.

Applications of MirroView™
Outdoor Settings

MirroView™ glass can be used indoors and outdoors, allowing this type of glass to be used for several different purposes.

Glass Lobbies

MirroView™ glass is often used in sleek and modern glass lobbies. The seamless design offers reflective properties with a high-tech appearance, while also offering a transparent screen whenever you want.

Office Spaces

MirroView™ glass is often used in office spaces to add a sleek design, increase productivity and add a level of professionalism to any office location.


MirroView™ glass can also be used for residential use for smart screens in your bathroom, living room, entertainment space, or workout area.


You will find MirroView™ glass in commercial buildings for use with digital signage, digital displays, and video screens.

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