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Step up the décor with round circular glass table tops that enhance the overall look of your house or office. Tempered glass is used to manufacture round glass table tops. Toughened glass is shattered and impact-resistant, thus, ensures a long service life for the table tops. The fine edges and smooth finishing of the table top deliver a delicate look and aesthetically enhance the space.

Tempered glass is manufactured through the process of superheating. it is then cooled slowly. The slow cooling process makes the glass strong and shatterproof. It is impact resistant. However, on a very hard impact, it breaks into very small harmless pieces - thus given the name safety glass. Circular table tops are manufactured with tempered glass to ensure safety and durability.

Round table tops are the all-rounders. They are perfect for coffee tables, center tables, small dining tables, and meeting tables. You can make the most of small spaces by adding round tables. They add functionality and glamor to space. 

Beveled, round or sharp edges

Available in different sizes with multiple edge finishes! Either you pick a beveled edge or a round one; it perfectly goes with any interior.

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