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Custom LED Mirror for Bathrooms and Interiors

Lit with understated LED lights, LED mirrors combine lighting with reflection for a practical and beautiful addition to any bathroom or interior. LED mirrors are available in various sizes, shapes, and lighting combinations to match vanities, bathrooms, and any interior space that needs a splash of elegance and functionality. Glass Genius vendors can custom make a mirror to reflect your precise needs.

LED mirrors are fitted with inbuilt lighting and don't require any extra illumination with add-on fittings. The inbuilt lighting increases the functionality of the mirror as the focused light direction shines outwards, enhancing visibility and helping you perform your personal tasks and routines better. Many LED mirrors come with advanced smart technologies, clever sensors, dimmable features, and electrical plugs to keep your space tidy and practical.

Why Choose an LED Mirror?

LED mirrors help you see yourself in the best light. Whether getting ready, performing your daily routines, or applying makeup the focused light of LED mirrors help you master the art of looking after yourself. As well as a focused light, LED mirrors provide your bathroom or interior space with an ambient and subtle glow, creating a modern and elegant atmosphere.

A light-up mirror is a stand-alone product that serves two purposes – lighting and mirror functions – which together make a much more powerful impact than separate lighting and mirrors can achieve. LED lighting adds equalized illumination, which provides a natural clarity as the mirror reflects it out into its environment.

Mirrors and lighting create the illusion of a larger space, making rooms feel more comfortable and bright. LED mirrors combine the two product benefits to add instant brightness and spatial benefits while adding beauty and enhancing the functionality of their space.

Types of LED Mirrors
LED Front-Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Front-lighted bathroom vanity mirrors are designed with LED lights installed behind a transparent glass strip on the mirror, illuminating the space with a subtle light that enhances visibility and functionality.

Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror

Claim total control and flexibility of the lighting in your bathroom with a dimmable LED mirror while ensuring the capacity for full lighting. Select the intensity and warmth of light based on your mood, comfort style, and lighting requirements.

LED Front-Lighted Rectangular Bathroom Vanity Mirror

An illuminated strip of glass blended into an expansive mirror provides the space and lighting to create the most functional bathroom. A rectangular mirror with LED lights typically fits into the design of bathrooms, and its shape complements the corners of the wall.

LED Front-Lighted Commercial Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Front-lighted commercial bathroom vanity mirrors are high quality to suit the needs of various commercial settings, including luxury hotels, spas, and makeup studios. A commercial vanity mirror with lights can provide professional-standard functionality and illumination while providing ambiance and tidiness to the space.

Frosted Line LED Backlit Wall Mirror

Frosted line mirrors blend a clean and smart frosted glass, illuminated with backlit LED lights, with ample mirror space. The well-lit mirror delivers functionality, while frosted glass provides a unique and sleek design.

Bathroom LED Round Mirror

Bathroom LED round mirrors are available in various lighting combinations, including front-lighted, dimmable lights, and backlit options. If tidiness, atmosphere, design, and functionality are important for your bathroom, you'll find what you need with a LED round mirror.

Backlit Bathroom LED Mirror

Backlit bathroom mirrors have LED lights installed on the back of the mirror glass and reflect light from the edges. They provide an attractive, elegant, and ambient lighting option to your bathroom while delivering enhanced mirror functionality.

Online LED Mirror Order

You can now purchase LED mirrors directly from your home from our wealth of quality and trusted vendors. Shop on our online marketplace and have your LED mirror delivered to your door.

Find Your LED Mirror at Glass Genius

Glass Genius has a wide range of LED mirrors to match the versatile benefits that these innovative products deliver. Whether you want the ambiance of a backlit custom mirror, the focused light of front-lighted LED mirrors, require a makeup mirror with lights, or seek the flexibility to control the lighting intensity with dimmable lights; our marketplace has the bathroom LED mirror for you.

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