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LED Mirrors

An illuminated LED mirror enhances the aesthetic appeal of any living space. So whether you are planning to install a lighted vanity mirror in your bedroom or an LED mirror in the bathroom, Glass Genius is the perfect place to shop from. Buy from the full range of Lighted mirrors!

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Key Features/Specifications of Lighted Mirrors

You don’t need additional lighting with LED mirrors since they are backlit. Plus, the lighted mirrors are energy efficient. With just 25W of input, they produce up to 1400 lumens of brightness. Further, these copper-free, high-definition silver mirrors have adjustable light intensities. So, for enhanced energy efficiency and elegant looks, lighted mirrors are the best option.
Specification Table
Lighting RangeLighting Range
1600LM to 1800LM
Full Length, Rectangular, Round, Square
Lighting TemperatureLighting Temperature
3000k to 6500k
Copper-free, high definition silver mirror

Available Shapes of Lighted Mirror

At Glass Genius, you can shop for a wide range of LED mirrors. Some of these shapes are listed below for your convenience.

Round LED Mirror

Round LED Mirror

Round LED mirrors are one of the most common types of LED mirrors. Their classic appearance makes them an ideal choice for any living space. Apart from the bathroom, you can also install round-lighted mirrors in bedrooms and hallways.

Rectangle LED Mirror

Rectangle LED Mirror

You can opt for the front-lighted rectangular bathroom mirrors to achieve unique aesthetics. Rectangular LED mirrors are best suited for large-size bathrooms. Because of their unique appearance, they also emit more light.

LED Full-Length Mirror

LED Full-Length Mirror

The LED full-length mirror is a special kind of lighted mirror. Its size, look, and functionality make it different from other illuminated mirrors. You can install this mirror in the hallways, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

Best Places for LED Mirrors

Though LED mirrors can be installed anywhere, for example, they look quite good, even in the hallways. However, most homeowners prefer to install them in the bathrooms.



An LED bathroom mirror is the first pick of every homeowner because these mirrors make an ordinary bathroom look more appealing and stylish. Their lighted and unique appearance is what grab the attention of almost every homeowner.



There are many ways to enhance the curb appeal of any property. However, installing LED bedroom mirrors is one unique idea. Apart from expensive home furniture, you can also go with these LED mirrors for that modern look and feel.



It’s not just your bedroom or bathroom that requires some modifications. For a more personalized appearance, you can also install LED mirrors in the hallway. This also increases the worth of your property.

Barber Shop/Salon

Barber Shop/Salon

Looking for a classy mirror for your salon? If yes, there is no better option than a backlit mirror. Your customers will love the look of these mirrors. Plus, these mirrors are quite an energy efficient. So you don’t have to worry about their power consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do LED Mirrors Provide Enough Light?

Modern LED mirrors are available in a variety of lighting options such as 4500K or 5000K which provide enough illumination to brighten any space.

How long do LED lighted mirrors last?

LED lighted mirrors use energy saving light technology that has an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours. It is about 10 years of life for your LED mirror.

Are LED Mirrors Good for Makeup?

LED mirrors are great for makeup or styling your hair as these mirrors emit an even amount of light around you and do not cast any shadows.

How do I choose an LED mirror?

Choosing an LED mirror depends on the placement and the size you require. Measure the dimensions where you want to place and proceed to order your LED mirror.

Can you replace bulbs in LED mirrors?

No, you cannot replace bulbs in LED mirrors. In case the LEDs stop working, you have to change the whole LED strip. But don’t worry, these mirrors generally last for a good amount of time.

Do LED mirrors have to be wired in?

Ready-made LED mirrors don’t require any complex wiring; you just have to install them and connect their power cables to a wall outlet. That’s pretty much it.

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