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Antique Gold Mirror

Choose from a wide variety of antique mirrors to give your space a vintage or creative feel. These mirrors are versatile and are perfect as antique glass panels or as a base for stunning artwork.

A perfect way to add style and sophistication to a home, antiquated mirrors deliver old-world perfection to modern designs. They are used to give a minimalistic edge to the bathroom. And also to infuse a rustic warmth to the bedroom.

Different Styles of Antique Vintage Mirrors
Gothic Mirrors

Gothic mirrors embrace the style and design of a bygone era. They are perfect for Bohemian style decor or you can use them to add a touch of class to your living space.

Baroque Mirrors

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Baroque mirrors give a vintage touch to any living space. Ornate and classy, they are designed to brighten up any space. Buy antique mirrors here.

Georgian Mirrors

Shop our collection of antique Georgian mirrors in different styles and shapes. Perfect for vanities, wall mirrors and bathroom mirrors, these vintage mirrors create a welcoming ambience in your home.

Victorian Mirrors

Ornate and elegant, a Victorian mirror is sure to add an old-world elegance to your home. Great as wall mirrors or bathroom mirrors, these antique-style mirrors give a touch of class to your interior.

Art Nouveau Mirrors

Who says art cannot be functional? The Art Nouveau mirrors deliver artistic flair with a nod to functionality. Give your living space a contemporary edge with an Art Nouveau mirror.

Edwardian Mirrors

Find the perfect Edwardian mirror and add a stunning vintage touch to your home. A perfect way to showcase your style, pair a mahogany frame with an antiquated mirror for a shabby chic design.

Sunburst Mirrors

A sunburst mirror is a piece of functional art. Great for contemporary home decor, this piece of art deco adds style to any space. Combine a vintage gold frame with an antiquated mirror for a more traditional look.

Venetian Mirrors

Add the beauty of sweeping arches and clean lines to your space with an elegant Venetian mirror. Use a large antique mirror as a focal point or it can just be an interesting conversation starter.

Mini Mirrors

Mini mirrors give a classic style to modern interior decor. Great for brightening up a room, they can be arranged in clusters for a more artistic feel.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors give a sleek design to any living space, including the bathroom. The seamless design and clean cut of these mirrors make them a perfect addition to a contemporary minimalistic room.

Antique Mirrors Uses

Antique mirrors have a way of instantly transforming a home, giving it a classy and warm ambience. Whether frameless or paired with a stunning antique frame, these mirrors can be used in multiple ways.

You can replace an entire wall with an antiquated mirror for a chic flair. This not only delivers a modern touch to your interior but also gives it an artistic touch. A beautifully designed antique mirror in the hallway delivers character and an inviting feel to that space.

Finally, they can also serve as furniture or art-deco, giving the perfect finishing touch to your interior decor.

Full-length antique mirror for the hallway wall

The hallway does not have to be boring. Light up that space and add an exquisite vintage class with a full-length antique mirror. This immediately delivers an elegance that is both modern and old-world at the same time. Shop the full-length antique mirrors here or order a custom wall mirror.

Antique mirrors for home interior

The interior of a home can be a statement of style sophistication. Whether it is a contemporary home or a vintage style, antique home mirrors give the perfect finishing touch to your home. They make a graceful addition to different parts of any house, including the bathroom, kitchen and other living spaces.

Antique mirrors for backsplash for kitchen

Nothing says trendy and stylish like a beautifully installed backsplash in the kitchen area. This contemporary addition gives a truly unique and sophisticated look to your interior space. Go the extra mile with a luxury antique mirror. It works with different decorative mirror styles and lends simple elegance to your kitchen.


How to Choose the Right Antique Mirror for You

There are three things to consider when you buy antique mirrors. First is your taste, then the decorating style of the room and the quality of the mirror. Mirrors are not just functional but also used to open up spaces and make them inviting.

So, when choosing an antique mirror, you should pick one that suits your taste. Your living space should feel inviting and relaxing so you want a mirror that delivers this for you.

Clear Decorative mirror vs Antique mirror

Clear decorative mirrors are usually clean-cut wall mirrors with sleek designs. These are trendy pieces that work well with contemporary interior design. They are often statement pieces although, they can also be purely functional in style.

An antique mirror is decorative and functional at the same time. Perfect for vintage style rooms, they add class and elegant simplicity to your home.

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