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Single Swing Shower Door

Add a clear luxurious touch to your modern bathroom decor by inserting a single shower door. Mount on any side of the door with hinges, swing shower doors increase stability and firmness.

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Single Hinged Shower Door

Single Hinged Shower Door

At Glass Genius, with the marvelous addition of a single swing shower door to any contemporary thematic bathroom, enhance the look and functionality of your bathing space! Single glass shower doors provide a tight seal and stop the water until and unless the water pressure is directed towards the little gaps. The hinged shower door brings natural light and with a clear reflection, gives a minimalistic appearance. With an endless transparent look, a swinging shower door is a perfect choice to swap shower curtains with frameless doors to increase the functionality.

How Much Does a Single Shower Door Cost?

For a frameless hinged shower door, the total cost can range from $3,000-$4,500. Whereas, an individual single stall shower door can cost around $600-$900, apart from the installation charges, which can be somewhere around $500-$1,000. Depending upon various factors, like installation cost, labor charges, price of a door, size, and other elements, the actual price of a single glass shower door varies.

How Much Does a Single Shower Door Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a swing shower door?

A swing or hinged shower door is usually identified with its opening from one side. It swings in one direction, letting the water inside the shower space and attached to the hinges and then to the wall of your bathroom.

What is the standard size for a single shower door?

Of course, you can customize your shower door according to your space needs and sizes, but a standard ready-made single shower door would be 22” wide to 36” wide. That’s the maximum width of any shower door depending upon its weight.

Do hinged shower doors open in or out?

A swinging shower door can be open in only one direction, either right or left. It’s mounted with the hinges on the wall, so that side is fixed, whereas, the other side will open at 90 degrees angle.

Do hinged shower doors leak?

Well, you can assume a swing shower door is an extraordinary option for a new functional house because they highly prevent water leakage. You can use sweepers for a 100% dry floor, and don’t worry about the gaps in the hinges. They wouldn’t let the water spread outside unless it is forced to pass through them with great pressure.

How does a swinging shower door work?

Providing 90 degrees of smooth opening and closing of the door, a hinged or swing shower door is attached to the hinges, which are fixedly mounted on the wall so that the door opens in one direction.


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