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Types of Full-Length Mirrors

Full-size large mirrors are the paragon of style and grace these days. They not only provide a full-body reflection. But also serve as the perfect decor element. You can effortlessly enhance any interior space with full-length standing mirrors. They can create an illusion of more space. And you can make a style statement with them. Out of many different types, some of the popular ones are discussed below.

Cheval Floor Style
Cheval Floor Style

In this type, the frame has a dual-pin suspension mechanism. You can adjust the angle and position of the reflecting glass according to any height by tilting it in the frame. Therefore, it’s perfect for walk-in closets.

Floor Leaning Style
Floor Leaning Style

As the name suggests, learning style elements lean against the wall. They typically come with intricate, sleek, and trendy frames. They are the perfect accent pieces for rooms, sitting areas, and entrances.

Wall-Mounted Style
Wall-Mounted Style

These style elements come with wall-mounting hardware and are mounted on the walls. These wall-mounted full-length mirrors can also be fixed on the doors or cupboards.

Full-length Style With and Without Frames

The floor-length style comes in both framed and frameless variants.

Framed Type
Framed Type

Modern floor mirrors are available in different types of frames. They come in every frame type from gilded to beveled and sleek to broad frames. You can choose any frame according to your design preferences.

Frameless Type
Frameless Type

Frameless wall mirror full-length gives off the most futuristic and elegant vibe. They are the essence of sophistication and provide an ultra-luxe look.

What is the Ideal Size for a Full-size style?

A full-body standing style should be long enough to provide a full-body reflection. For this, its length should at least be half to two-thirds of your height.

The recommended length should be 48 inches long and at least 12 inches wide. However, you can go for longer and broader dimensions if you want.

Ideal Size Full-Body Mirror

Why is Full-Body Style So Expensive

Why is Full-Body Style So Expensive?

Decorative full-length wall mirrors are valued for their aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. The price value depends on many factors. The glass used, the intricacy of frames and the size are some elements. However, the cost value mostly goes up due to the size in this case. This style is designed to provide full-body coverage. So the full-size design features bigger dimensions as compared to the standard size. The cost difference typically refers to this size variation.

Still, it's prudent to say that this design element is worth every penny!

Different Available Sizes

The floor-size style is easily available in any size you could think of.

However, the common measurements are from the range of 43” by 12” to 68” by 32”. That's a pretty wide dimension range. But you can still get out of this scale.

You can conveniently get modern floor mirrors of any size, even if it's larger than the largest dimension. Or smaller than the smallest measurements. All you have to do is analyze your space. Evaluate what size will work best for you. You can just measure your area and place an order according to your preferences.

Different Available Sizes for a Full-Length Mirror

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Full-length Mirrors for Commercial and Domestic Use

For Commercial and Domestic Use

Floor-length styles are known for their aesthetic worth. They have worked their charm in the interior as well as exterior improvement.

Not just that, they are trendy in commercial projects. The high-end spas and salons make sure to incorporate the lighted full-length mirrors to step up their interiors. Restaurants and hotels have their hallways illuminated with these magic elements. Similarly, retailers create a luxe interior with these design elements. In short, they are used everywhere in commercial settings.

At the same time, their status in home interiors is also a fact. Be it a small apartment or a huge mansion, these design elements sprinkle their excellence everywhere.

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