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Rectangular Wall Mirror

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Rectangle Mirror

Decorate your place with simple yet stylish mirrors in order to bring a flair of elegance, they usually end up buying a rectangle mirror. Well, the reason is simple! It has kept its grace in the simpler yet classic shape!

So, if you’re the one who wants a wall mirror, you will find brilliant styles and sizes of rectangle wall mirrors. The standard-sized wall mirror hanging on either wall of the hallway can definitely add depth and classic touch to any decor.

Rectangle Mirror

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the ideal dimensions for a rectangular wall mirror?

Well, different sizes are available for rectangle mirrors and many interior decor experts prefer to have a custom one. But, the ideal size for a rectangular wall mirror is situated somewhere between ⅔ and sometimes ¾ of the width. Merely the dimensions depend on the required furniture.

How big should a rectangle mirror be?

If you want to have a reflection of your full body, then a full-length mirror would be perfect for your space! For better understanding, let’s suppose, if you are 63 inches long then your mirror should be at least 32 inches, or just so big that you can see your entire self in the mirror.

What are common places to hang a rectangle mirror?

For a newly built space, small knick-knacks are necessary! The perfect places to hang a rectangle mirror are Bathroom, Bedroom wall, right over the Table, in the Hallway, and at the Fireplace!

Can you frame a rectangle mirror?

Yes, you can definitely frame a rectangle mirror! The most common materials used to frame a mirror are MDF Baseboard and wood, but you can also go for DIY projects and frame your mirror!


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