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Diamond Mirrors

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Diamond shaped mirrors

Diamond wall mirrors are an artistically crafted piece of mirrors that give a new life to your bland walls. Beveled and polished variants of diamond mirrors create a perfect reflective image and add depth to space with its seamless design. Diamond shaped mirrors can be installed at any place you like; hallway, living room or a bathroom.

You can opt from multiple sizes, thickness and edging options to find the right fit for your interior. Glass Genius gives you the opportunity to explore a range of diamond mirrors and buy the perfect piece of mirror at affordable prices.

Diamond shaped mirrors

What Thickness Should a Diamond Mirror Be?

What Thickness Should a Diamond Mirror Be?

Mirrors are usually available in 3/16, ⅛ and ¼ inch thickness options. But for a high quality and durable diamond mirror you need at least ¼ inch thick mirror. A thick mirror provides a sturdy surface and a clear image that does not distort even if the wall is not plain. Thicker mirrors are a preferred choice for the areas where durability and safety are the main concerns.

Are Beveled Diamond Mirrors More Expensive?

Beveled diamond mirrors are not more expensive than the flat edge mirrors. Usually the cost of a diamond shaped mirror varies with the size and thickness of it. Edge and finishing options do not contribute a lot to the overall cost of the wall mirror.

Are Beveled Diamond Mirrors More Expensive?

Choose From a Wide Range of Diamond Wall Mirror

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