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Types of Glass Used in Inline Shower Door

When it comes to inline shower doors, for bathrooms all glass is not equal. While the regular glass looks attractive, it is against standard safety codes to use it for glass shower inline panels. The best type of glass for shower enclosures is tempered glass.

Tempered glass goes through a process that leaves it stronger and less prone to breaking than annealed glass. Also, if it does break, it does not leave sharp, jagged edges so, it is safer for use in the bathroom.

Order custom inline shower doors in tempered, laminated tempered glass or you can opt for frosted glass as well.


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Shower Side Panel for Enclosures

Give your bathroom a modern luxurious feel with bespoke shower side panels. These panels form a beautiful glass panel shower enclosures that makes a bathroom look and feels opulent. Made from tempered glass, these panels are designed in different thicknesses.

Choose from different styles and designs or order custom shower glass panels crafted to your style. Each product is created with high-quality materials and made to the highest standard safety specifications.

Customizable Panel Shower Enclosure according to Bathroom

It is not always easy to determine the right panel shower enclosure for your bathroom. There are several factors to consider including the size of your bathroom, the style, and thickness of the glass panels.

When deciding on a customizable panel shower enclosure, the style or the bathroom is the most important deciding factor. Depending on the available space you can choose from any of the following shower panel styles:

Customizable Panel Shower Enclosure according to Bathroom
Pivot shower doors
Pivot shower doors

swing outward and provide easy access.

Pivot shower doors
Hinged shower doors

are great if you have a lot of space.

Pivot shower doors
Quadrant shower doors

work best for smaller spaces and slide from one side to the other. Other designs to consider include bi-fold, pentagon, inswing, and walk-in shower doors.

How much does the inline shower door and panels cost?

How much does the inline shower door and panels cost?

The cost for inline shower doors and panels varies by a wide margin because bathroom designs are different. Naturally, the frameless shower doors tend to cost less but then again, it depends on the manufacturer. A custom swing door inline panel will cost more.

At Glass Genius, inline shower doors and panels cost between $350 - $550 per panel. The total cost will depend on the number of panels.

If you are ordering custom shower glass panels, the cost will depend on several factors. Some of these factors include the thickness of the glass panels and the design.

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