Bulletproof Glass

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Bullet Resistant Glass

Of course, you want to protect yourself and your institutes, to stop being severely harmed by any attack! For institutes like the embassy, any political assembly, government official buildings, cars, or even schools, we need strict security and bulletproof windows and doors. That’s the reason we use bullet proof glass or bullet-resistant glass! Now, what’s the difference between both?

Bullet Resistant Glass

Difference between Bullet Resistant and Bulletproof Glass
What is the Difference between Bullet Resistant and Bulletproof Glass?

Don’t get confused! Bulletproof glass is just an exaggerated term of Bullet Resistant Glass. No such glass exists named bulletproof so, if you are confused among these two sorts of glass, go for the one and only Bullet Resistant Glass.

Here, we provide splendid bullet-resistant glass which makes sure to come up with austere security to protect the space behind this glass pane.

Who Needs Bullet Resistant Glass?

Bulletproof windows have been made by installing bullet-resistant glass. Which uses polycarbonate material with two glass panes to stop the energy of bullets and extremely harsh forces. Here are multiple options where you can install bullet resistant glass;

Schools- Increase Security
Schools- Increase Security!

If your school has glass walls, make sure to protect it with the help of bulletproof windows, doors, and the entire boundary.

Convenience Store
Convenience Store

Convenience stores are the places that should be secured enough. Especially if it’s situated in the neighbourhood where street crimes are common. No other glass would support it except the quality bullet impenetrable glass.

Government Buildings
Government Buildings

Usually used in government buildings either official or government houses, due to its wide security concerns.

Hospital & Clinics
Hospital & Clinics

Ever wondered why hospitals and clinics' walls are always glossy and transparent? Because they have made it secured with this strengthened glass.

How does Bullet Resistant Glass Work?

At the very first look, it appears to be the same as normal glass. But, it’s not the same! When a bullet hits an ordinary glass pane it can’t bear the force of the bullet at all and it would shatter into large shards immediately and may harm people in surroundings. On the other hand, the bullet-resistant glass may even get cracks due to a powerful bullet, but it will never shatter or let the glass break into several pieces. The transparent polycarbonate sheet situated between two strong glass sheets absorbs all energy and even after so many cracks, it remains at its place.

How does Bullet Resistant Glass Work

Frequently Asked Questions
What is bulletproof glass made of?

Basically, it’s said to be made of only plastics, no glass! Well, bullet-resistant glass is made by using a transparent polycarbonate sheet in between two other sheets to make it stronger enough to stop a bullet attack!

How much does bulletproof glass cost?

The price of this glass depends on the size and the degree of security needed. However, it typically starts from $25.00 per sq. ft. to over $100.00 per sq. ft.

Can a human break bulletproof glass?

If you keep on hitting this glass for 6 to 7 minutes by using a sledge hammer, then it may get serious scratches. And that’s a fact, after 1st hard attempt, for example, the force of a bullet, the glass strength may get weaker.

Can bulletproof glass stop a 50 cal?

The latest feature of lightweight bulletproof glass typically offers a level of security that makes sure your vehicle endures unconstrained by bullets even from a 50 cal round.

What is the strongest bulletproof glass?

The answer is obvious! Glass-clad Polycarbonate, that’s the strongest bullet-resistant glass right now!


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