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EOval Glass Table Tops

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E-Oval Glass Table Tops

Consider using E-oval glass table tops for your next home decor project. This type of glass adds a sleek and elegant style element to your space. E-oval shaped glass table tops are thin, seamless tabletops in the shape of an oval that often have a smooth one-inch beveled edge. Add a beautifully polished look to your home or design space with a custom E-oval tabletop. Tempered glass, or safety glass, strengthens the integrity of the glass used in E-oval tempered glass table tops, so you can rest easy knowing your table can withstand the weight of any contents without breaking and will keep its beautiful quality for years to come.

Why Choose E-Oval Glass Table Tops?

E-Oval glass table tops are unique and make the perfect choice for your table because they are elegant, classy, and sturdy. Select an element of style with added stability to your dining room table, office desk, outdoor table, or coffee table… the design choices are endless with round Eoval table tops. Looking for a bit more definition in your table top? Choose E-oval beveled tempered glass with a sleek and contrasting 1” beveled edge design element in your table. Both styles are lovely, however, the beveled edge design takes it to the next level and adds a unique design element to your tabletop.

Custom EOval Glass Tops

E-oval glass table tops can be custom made based on your design preferences for your convenience. These table tops are always made with the finest quality furniture glass available. The edges and corners are expertly polished and tempered for added security. E-oval glass can come in a variety of thickness options and can be cut to multiple dimensions to fit any project perfectly. Select a small size for a coffee or side table, or choose a larger piece for your dining room table for added elegance in your dining area.

E-Oval Glass Top with Bevel

If you’ve chosen E-oval glass for your tabletop, consider taking it a step further and choose a beveled edge top. An E-oval beveled tempered glass tabletop provides enough stability to withstand multiple uses and support varying degrees of content weight. The bevel in your E-oval glass dining table will add dimension and provide aesthetically pleasing silhouettes for your dinner guests to enjoy. The tempered glass used in this type of table can be made from annealed glass through a thermal tempering process. During this process, the glass is placed on a rolling table, moving the glass through a furnace that heats the piece of glass to an extremely high temperature of 1,047 degrees Fahrenheit. Tempered glass is made from silicon, which provides density and ensures your tempered Eoval table tops can withstand use and weight throughout the years.

Edges Available

Looking to add a touch of definition to your already sleek and stylish E-oval table? Choose an E-oval beveled tempered glass option. Edging is available to make your table top stand out from the rest, with a slight dip at the very tip of the table, adding definition and contrast.

Sizes Available

Multiple sizes are available, allowing you to order a smaller piece or very large piece of glass for your tabletop for your convenience.

Benefits of Using E-Oval Glass Top Bevel

A beveled table top stands out among the rest with a unique design element with the added edging. Make your table pop in a modern and sleek space with a slight dip in the beveled edge of your table.


E-oval glass with a beveled top adds an element of class and sophistication. The downward slope of the edge softens the look of the table. Select a beveled edge for a seamless design that can be used in a modern or romantic space.


A beveled edge E-oval table top is the perfect addition to any room. The glass will reflect the contents on the table, adding dimension and providing an interesting focal point for viewers.


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