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Custom Tinted Glass

Tinted glass not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds practical value to the home by filtering out the harmful radiations of the sun. Glass Genius offers the best quality smoked glass in a wide range of colors. You can choose from bronze, gray, super gray, green, blue, and tint mirror pane options. Select from our premium collection of colored glass and adorn your home with the charm of tinted glass windows.

Custom Tinted Glass

Where can you use Tinted Glass?

Tinted glass is a popular choice for residential as well as commercial applications nowadays. Here are some of the most common applications of smoked glass.

Tinted Glass Windows
Tinted Glass Windows

Colored glass sheets are most commonly used in windows due to their functional and aesthetic value. Lower the energy bills by blocking specific radiations of the sun, offer added privacy, reduce the glare and provide an exceptional curb appeal.

Get high-end tinted glass windows from Glass Genius and level up your home aesthetics.

Tinted Shower Glass
Tinted Shower Glass

Colored glass sheets are a fascinating choice for shower enclosures. You can achieve your preferred level of privacy by choosing the intensity of tint.

It also adds a sense of character and unique elegance to the bathroom interior. So contemporize your bathrooms by getting your hands on the best quality tinted shower glass.

Tinted Glass Table Tops
Tinted Glass Table Tops

Tinted glass table tops are easy to clean and give your interior space a futuristic appearance. Glass Genius offers a wide collection of colored glass tops to grace your space. Browse through the collection and choose an exquisite piece to perk up your interior setting. You can also order a custom piece designed according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tinted Glass?

Tinted shower glass is just any type of glass that has been slightly colored. The color can be added to the glass during the manufacturing process or applied in the form of a surface coating. The addition of tint in glass limits the flow of light through it. Colored glass sheets are typically available in a variety of hues and are used in many applications.

What Tint is Darker on Glass Tint?

Different types of tints are available for the window. You can choose any tint from a spectrum of completely clear to entirely blacked out. However, the darkest legal tint refers to a tint that has a visible light transmission (VLT) of at least 20 to 35 percent through all windows.

What is the Most Common Window Tint?

The homeowners usually go for the darkest legal tint. So the most common window tint is the one with 35 and 20 percent visible light transmission.

Which Color is the Best for Tinted Glass?

Determining the best color for tinted glass depends on a number of factors. Energy efficiency, aesthetics, insulation properties, and of course clients’ preferences. These are some of the elements that define the best tint for an application. You can get in touch with our professional team to determine which tint will be the best for your specific application.

Does Tinted Glass Reduce Light?

Tinting is done to limit the flow of light through the interior space. Smoked glass not only blocks off the harmful radiations of the sun but also reduces the heat and glare.

Does Window Tinting Darken a Room?

If you choose a darker tint, it would definitely darken the room. However, you can choose lighter tints to uphold the necessary flow of light through the room.

What is the use of Tinted Glass?

Tinted glass has multiple uses. It offers solar protection, reduces glare, enhances privacy, and adds aesthetic appeal to the space. Colored glass sheets are also easy to maintain. Therefore, it is a popular choice for residential and commercial applications.


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