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299 products

Glass Table Tops

Glass Table Tops change the traditional interior design into an entirely novel look. The table designs have gone a step further by incorporating highly functional glass types with marvelous design and edging options. The clear glass tabletop makes a spacious interior vibe in any setup, while the colored glass option adds modern contrast to your bright living space. 

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  1. 28 Inch Round Glass Table Top 1/2 Inch Thick Ogee Tempered
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Glass Tabletops

If you are looking to add class and a modern touch to your living space then add a glass tabletop as soon as possible. Glass table tops are the great choice for any home interior or patio and office use. With the strength of a tempered glass tabletop and the beauty of customized glass, you cannot go wrong! Add a glass tabletop protector to add durability of your furniture.

Shapes of Glass Tabletops

The best tempered glass tabletops come in a variety of shapes to fit your exact needs and style. Even if you need a custom cut glass table top? You can choose your own shape and design.






Irregular Shape

Types of Glass Available for Tabletops

Now, of course, if the glass is available in different shapes and sizes, it is obvious that there are different types of glass qualities also available for you to pick and choose from based on your preference and budget. But it’s important to understand the difference between tabletop glass types and choose the best for your needs.

Here are some preferred types of glass that considered ideal for tabletops:

Clear Glass

For a simple budgetary pick, you can’t go wrong with clear table top glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass table tops undergo an additional heat-treating process to reinforce their strength and durability, making them shatter-resistant.

Laminated Glass

One of the strongest types of safety glass is laminated glass, laminated glass table tops are made from two separate panes that are bonded together with a layer of resin.

Back Painted Glass

Painted on the back of the glass so that the colors show through the clear front, this is a great option for creating a lively color scheme.

Crackled Glass

During the manufacturing process, the middle layer of glass is shattered, giving it a unique crackled look.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass gives the hint of color to brighten up otherwise standard clear glass.

Different Thickness of Glass for Tabletops

Depending on how the table top glass is going to be used, it is important to know the best thickness for your needs. Glass table tops come in a variety of thicknesses.

Actual Size
1/8" (3mm)

Mostly used in indoor settings, 1/8” thick glass table tops are the lightest weight option. These are great options for glass tabletop protectors.

5/32" (4mm)

A universal option for the best glass table top protectors, 5/32” thick glass can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the living room.

3/16" (5mm)

At 5mm, table top glass with this thickness is a slightly stronger option for inserts.

1/4" (6mm)

This is one of the most standard sizes for glass table tops and glass table top protectors, giving a good balance of size and strength.

3/8" (10mm)

About half the size of a quarter, this is best for large, heavy tables.

1/2" (12mm)

Half-inch-thick glass is ideal for tables that will be holding the heaviest objects.

3/4" (19mm)

This is as thick as it gets, the strongest glass table top you can find.

Glass Tabletop Edges

Glass table tops come with multiple edge design options. Be sure to choose the best fit for your space according to your taste and the need.

Beveled Polished Edge

Liven up your table with enhanced angles.

Flat Polished Edge

For a simplistic look, without losing a style sense.

Ogee Polished Edge

A smooth “S” design to make your glass table top stand out.

Pencil Polished Edge

Rounded and polished edges for everyday style.

Seamed Edge

The simplest edge that uses minimal finishing style to remove any sharp burrs.

Raw Edge

Raw edge has low cost, but is sharp enough that it requires safety gloves to handle.

Mitered Polished Edge

A flat machine edge, available at an angle of 45° or less, to the cut edge of the glass panel.

Triple Ogee Edge

An amazing edge style that look like waterfall design with three ogee layers.

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