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298 products

Glass Table Tops

Glass Table Tops change the traditional interior design into an entirely novel look. The table designs have gone a step further by incorporating highly functional glass types with marvelous design and edging options. The clear glass tabletop makes a spacious interior vibe in any setup, while the colored glass option adds modern contrast to your bright living space. 

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  1. 36 Inch Glass Table Top Round 1/2 Inch Thick Ogee Tempered
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  2. 28 Inch Round Glass Table Top 1/2 Inch Thick Ogee Tempered
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Glass For Table Tops

Owing to their sleek elegance, glass table tops have always been a part of the interior. The radiant glass table tops elevate the interior and give it a classy look. Glass table tops come in a variety of styles and finishes to grace the interior. You can either go for a pre-made tabletop or order custom glass table tops. Requesting buy table tops online orders allow you to demonstrate your design aesthetics through your interior choices. So take the opportunity, explore your options and style your interior with uber-chic glass table tops.

Easy Way to Buy Online Glass Table Tops

If you want to add a spark of class, style, and protection to your living space, add an intricate glass table top to it. Glass tables not only go well with the home furniture but also serve as a great addition to the office conference rooms, workplaces, patios, and eateries. They open up the space with their transparency and enhance the interior effortlessly. Either you choose a round glass table top to tone down the sharp edges of the furniture pieces or you go for a rectangle glass table top for the better seating arrangement, glass tops are worth investing in!

You can easily order your desired glass table tops online to adorn your living space. Make sure to add glass table tops protectors to boost safety value as well as the service life of the glass top.

Custom Glass Table Top for Home and Office Use

Glass tops are all the rage these days. A variety of glass top coffee tables and dining tables are available in the market. You can get these glass table tops through online orders or visit the nearby market. However, the pre-made glass table tops might not meet your individual requirements. So this customized glass table top is the way out for you!

Just send in your design requirements and dimensions and get a perfectly made table top for your home and office interior right according to your needs. You can also get replacement glass tops from us to spice up your home aesthetics.

Shapes of Glass Table Tops

Glass countertop come in a variety of shapes to suit your needs and style demands. We offer round glass table tops, square glass top coffee tables, rectangle glass table tops, oval glass tops, hexagonal glass tables, or any other shape you want. There are a whole lot of design opportunities at Glass Genius!

Glass Table Top Edges

Glass table tops come with multiple edge finishing options. Be sure to choose the best fit for your space according to your taste and needs.

Beveled Polished Edge

Liven up your table with enhanced angles.

Flat Polished Edge

For a simplistic look, without losing the sense of style.

Ogee Polished Edge

A smooth “S” shaped design to make your glass table top stand out.

Pencil Polished Edge

Rounded and polished edges for everyday use.

Seamed Edge

The simplest design that uses minimal finishing to remove any sharp burrs.

Raw Edge

Raw edge is low cost but it's sharp enough to require safety gloves for handling.

Mitered Polished Edge

A flat mitered edge, available at an angle of 45° or less, to the cut edge of the glass panel.

Triple Ogee Edge

An amazing edge style that looks like a waterfall with three ogee layers.

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