Custom Glass Table Tops

Glass tables serve as the highlight of an interior setting. They accentuate the aesthetics while also introducing many practical benefits to the interior space. Glass genius specializes in quality glass table tops. The availability of custom glass table tops gives the customers freedom to get the product of their choice. Whether you want tempered glass for table top or a custom glass table top, Glass Genius has it all for you. Choose from the wide variety of styles, select your preferred details, and get a table designed right according to your requirements to elevate your interior aesthetics.

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Choose from a range of ready-to-ship pre-made glass table tops if you don't want a customized table top.

Custom Glass Table Tops

Custom Glass Table Tops

Owing to their sleek elegance, glass table tops have always been a part of the interior. The radiant glass table tops elevate the interior and give it a classy look. Glass table tops come in a variety of styles and finishes to grace the interior. You can either go for a pre-made tabletop or order custom glass table tops. Requesting buy table tops online orders allow you to demonstrate your design aesthetics through your interior choices. So take the opportunity, explore your options and style your interior with uber-chic glass table tops.

Easy Way to Buy Online Glass Table Tops

If you want to add a spark of class, style, and protection to your living space, add an intricate tabletop to it. Glass tables not only go well with the home furniture but also serve as a great addition to the office conference rooms, workplaces, patios, and eateries. They open up the space with their transparency and enhance the interior effortlessly. Either you choose a round-shaped table top to tone down the sharp edges of the furniture pieces or you go for a rectangle tabletop for a better seating arrangement, glass table tops are worth investing in!

You can easily order your desired glass countertops online to adorn your living space. Make sure to add glass table tops protectors to boost safety value as well as the service life of the glass top.


Custom Glass Table Top for Home and Office Use

Glass tops are all the rage these days. A variety of glass top coffee tables and dining tables are available in the market. You can get these through online orders or visit the nearby market. However, the pre-made tabletops might not meet your individual requirements. So this customized glass tabletop is the way out for you!

Just send in your design requirements and dimensions and get a perfectly made tabletop for your home and office interior right according to your needs. You can also get replacement glass tops from us to spice up your home aesthetics.

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Available Shapes of Custom Glass Table Tops

Glass Genius prides itself in offering a wide range of high quality glass table tops. The collection includes glass tops of different shapes and styles to suit the individual aesthetic preferences of the customers. From square to round and rectangular to custom cut glass table tops, you can find a plethora of design options at Glass Genius. Buy glass table tops from the pre-made collection or place a custom order to boost your interior settings.

Glass Table Top Edges

Glass table tops come with multiple edge finishing options. Be sure to choose the best fit for your space according to your taste and needs.

Beveled Polished Edge
Beveled Polished Edge

Liven up your table with enhanced angles.

Flat Polished Edge
Flat Polished Edge

For a simplistic look, without losing the sense of style.

Pencil Polished Edge
Pencil Polished Edge

Rounded and polished edges for everyday use.

Glass Table tops orders can be placed and shipped all across the US

Want to replace the old glass tabletop or just aspire to add a brand new glass table top to your furniture set - we have got you covered!

Just place the order at our online store and we will provide you with premium quality glass tabletops.

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Glass Table Top Specifications
Glass Types Clear Glass, Acid Etch, Frosted, Bronze / Grey Tints or Colour Backed Glass
Shapes Rectangle, Round, Square, Oval, Custom
Thickness 1/4", 5/32", 3/16", 1/8", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
Strength Annealed(Standard), Tempered (Safety Glass)
Glass Edges Flat Polished, Pencil Polished, Beveled Edges
Corner Eased Corner, Radius & Polished Corner, Clip and Polished Corner

Common Uses Of Tempered Glass Tops
Coffee table tops
Coffee table tops

Glass top coffee tables are an important part of any furniture set. The coffee tables complete the look and add an element of sophistication to the whole living area setting. Coffee tables can be made of different materials, but nothing can beat the class of glass coffee tables tops.

Dining Room Table tops
Dining Room Table tops

A dining table offers several person seating for the meals, especially formal dinners and meals. So, it should be sizable enough to provide easy accommodation for the individuals as well as food items. Custom rectangle table tops are usually preferred for their good capacity. You can also go for round, square, or any other tabletop shape that goes with your interior aesthetics.

Patio Tables
Outdoor (Except Paint Products) / Patio Tables

A proper outdoor seating setup is always valued as it allows you to enjoy Mother Nature directly. Exquisite wicker chairs paired with glass patio table tops make a perfect setup for the outdoors. Get glass for table top cut to size and set up a personalized patio for an elevated experience.

Table Top Protectors
Table Top Protectors

The glass tabletops lend absolute grace and elegance to the space. However, the table top glass needs protection to stay shiny and lustrous. Table top protectors are used for this purpose. Glass for table top cut to size is used to create the glass table tops protectors which serve as the barriers against scratches, scrapes, or any other type of damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What type of glass should I use for a tabletop?

Be it the dining table or a coffee table, tempered glass is the best choice for any tabletop. It is durable, impact-resistant, and safe for everyday use. However, there are various other glass table top types that could add beauty to you interior.

How thick should a glass tabletop be?

The recommended thickness for an unsupported glass tabletop is ⅜” to ½”. However, for the supported glass table tops, ¼” is considered a standard thickness.

How do you measure the radius of a glass corner?

Set the framing square against the glass corner such that it encompasses the round edge of the glass. The radius of the glass corner is the distance from the inside corner of the framing square to the point where the glass touches the framing square. Note the measurement and you have the radius of the glass corner.


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