Tempered Glass

Toughened glass is a popular choice for uses where safety is the end goal. Regular glass poses a safety threat due to its delicacy. So safety glass comes into play here.

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A Variety of Custom Tempered Products

Tempered glass is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Due to its ease of availability, safety glass is a favored choice.

You can choose from the pre-made products. But, the custom tempered glass option comes in handy for unique projects. Select the custom option when you can't find a pre-made product that suits your taste.

Glass Genius offers plenty of pre-made products. You can also avail yourself of the custom order option easily. Just choose your desired fabricator. Send your requirements and get a quote. Place the order. You will get your order right on your doorstep. As simple as that!


Properties Of Tempered Glass
Thermal Shock Resistance Up to 250°C
Mechanical Strength Four To Five Times Stronger Than Annealed Glass
Tensile Strength 65 Mpa
Bending Strength 120-200 N/Mm2
Surface Compression > 95 Mpa
Design Stress For Architectural Purposes Fragmentation 50 Mpa
Fragmentation Small Round Crystals
Conducive For Processing Cannot Be Cut After Tempering

Tempered Glass Shapes

Buy custom tempered glass to fit your needs in the following shapes:


High-quality hardened glass is available into a square-shaped style, in multiple sizes.


Does your project require a rectangular shaped glass? Get one perfectly cut rectangular shaped tempered safety glass at an exclusive online marketplace today, for your new project.


While square and rectangle shapes are common, there are times when you need circular-shaped tempered glass for specific projects, here we make it for you.


Becoming a high demand, oval-shaped toughened glass is loved by many people who like something new, flawlessly cut glass shape.

Irregular Shape

Do you require uncommon tempered glass shapes for your project? Describe what you need, ask the suppliers and they will respond here at Glass Genius.

Tempered vs. Annealed vs. Laminated Products

Choosing the right glass type depends on several factors. Your budget, purpose, and extent of use are a few elements that define your decision. Here is a comparison of tempered, annealed, and laminated glass. It will help you make the right choice.

  • Annealed or float glass is the regular glass. It has high optical clarity. But it is easy to break.

  • Tempered glass goes thru heat treatment that increases its strength by four times. It's hard to break it. Therefore, it is suitable for daily use.

  • Laminated glass is an unbreakable glass. It also comes under the name bulletproof glass. It has two or more panes of glass joined together with a layer of adhesive resin.

Characteristic Annealed Tempered Laminated
Flexibility Yes No Yes
Safety No Yes Yes
Sound Reduction No No Yes
Durability No Yes Yes
Dangerous when it breaks High Less Less
Cost Efficient Yes No No

Does tempered glass break on applying force on it?

Tempered glass is toughened to bear a lot of pressure and weight. The comprehensive manufacturing process gives tempered glass the strength to stand hard impacts and carry heavy weights without getting damaged.

On average, a tempered glass sheet requires an impact of 20,000 to 24,000 pounds per square inch force to break. These are some truly huge figures. That is the reason why tempered glass is deemed as safety glass. So it's safe to say that it's almost impossible to break the tempered glass by applying force to it. It would require repeated strikes with a heavy tool to damage the tempered glass. So tempered glass is considered safe for daily life applications.

Common Uses Of Tempered Glass
Partition for homes
Room Dividers To Maximize The Given Space

Room dividers are non-load-bearing interior walls that serve as space partitions.

Many designers use clear glass panels to give a modern look to the interior. Tempered panels are safe to use in the home interior. So, they are ideal for this purpose.

Increase the practical value of your home by using room dividers.

To Enhance The Office

You can see the use of transparent panels everywhere in the offices. Ceramic safety glass gives a fancy look to the interior. It allows an easy flow of light into the offices. Glass products open up the space and create a feeling of more space. They also reduce the use of energy. That's why glass products are great for office interiors.

So buy cheap tempered glass and make your office interior stand out.

For Furniture And The Interiors of Hotels

Glass is the standard of luxury. Building fronts made of laminated safety glass are all over the place. They add a unique appeal to the structure. They are also great for making a good impression on the clients.

The designers also use tempered glass tabletops and other furniture items in the interiors. Clear furniture adds a unique aura to the space. It allows a non-stop flow of light. You can set up a fancy interior by increasing the use of clear panels.

So buy tempered glass furniture. Set up a luxe interior and leave a mark on your guests.

Commercial Buildings
Spruce Up The Exteriors of Commercial Buildings

Commercial spaces should be as pretty from the outside as they are from the inside. The office setting should impress the clients who are coming to trade. A pretty exterior boosts the business.

Clear panels are a popular choice for the exteriors of retail buildings. They add a posh feel to the space.

Door and Windows
Doors And Windows For Homes

Glass finds its application in windows and doors. The progress in this industry has increased the usage even more.

Now the doors and windows don't need any metal framing. The clear panels are strong enough to stay intact even after an impact. The changing weather is not a problem with modern windows and doors.

So buy tempered sheets and perk up the appeal of your home.

Glass Floor Mat
Floor Mat For Carpets And Floors

The tempered glass floor mats have a scratch-resistant design. They safeguard your flooring and provide a smooth surface for your chair to glide over.

The clear floor mats can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight. They are durable and suitable for a wide range of floor types.

So buy clear floor mats and save your flooring!

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