Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is mostly used in areas where safety is of great concern. Ideally, shower doors, glass wall separators, sneeze guards, tabletops, windows, shelves, backsplashes, and glass doors are made of custom tempered glass for their strength and added safety compared to ordinary glass.

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Custom Tempered Glass Products

Are you looking to enjoy all the benefits that glass has to offer without worrying over durability and safety? You should add tempered glass to your glass collection today! Commonly referred to as toughened glass or tempered safety glass that is up to four times stronger than annealed or regular glass. It is a treated form of regular or annealed glass to increase its strength, with improved durability and safety.


Properties Of Tempered Glass
Thermal Shock Resistance Up to 250°C
Mechanical Strength Four To Five Times Stronger Than Annealed Glass
Tensile Strength 65 Mpa
Bending Strength 120-200 N/Mm2
Surface Compression > 95 Mpa
Design Stress For Architectural Purposes Fragmentation 50 Mpa
Fragmentation Small Round Crystals
Conducive For Processing Cannot Be Cut After Tempering

Tempered Glass Shapes

Buy custom tempered glass to fit your needs in the following shapes:


High-quality hardened glass is available into a square-shaped style, in multiple sizes.


Does your project require a rectangular shaped glass? Get one perfectly cut rectangular shaped tempered safety glass at an exclusive online marketplace today, for your new project.


While square and rectangle shapes are common, there are times when you need circular-shaped tempered glass for specific projects, here we make it for you.


Becoming a high demand, oval-shaped toughened glass is loved by many people who like something new, flawlessly cut glass shape.

Irregular Shape

Do you require uncommon tempered glass shapes for your project? Describe what you need, ask the suppliers and they will respond here at Glass Genius.

Tempered Glass vs Annealed Glass vs Laminated Glass Table

Which glass type is ideal? The buying decision depends on several factors that include your budget, purpose, place where installation is required, and few others. The following comparison of tempered glass, annealed glass, and laminated glass will help you choose the right safety glass for your residential and office use.

Characteristic Annealed Tempered Laminated
Flexibility Yes No Yes
Safety No Yes Yes
Sound Reduction No No Yes
Durability No Yes Yes
Dangerous when it breaks High Less Less
Cost Efficient Yes No No

Does tempered glass break on applying force on it?

Tempered glass is toughened to bear a lot of pressure and weight. The comprehensive manufacturing process gives tempered glass the strength to stand hard impacts and carry heavy weights without getting damaged.

On average, a tempered glass sheet requires an impact of 20,000 to 24,000 pounds per square inch force to break. These are some truly huge figures. That is the reason why tempered glass is deemed as safety glass. So it's safe to say that it's almost impossible to break the tempered glass by applying force to it. It would require repeated strikes with a heavy tool to damage the tempered glass. So tempered glass is considered safe for daily life applications.

Common Uses Of Tempered Glass
Partition for homes

Partition walls are the non-load-bearing interior walls that serve as the space dividers. Nothing can beat the charm of a glass partition in the home. Clear tempered glass panels serve as the ideal space dividers and give a futuristic look to the home interior. Elevate your home privacy with heat-strengthened glass dividers.


From tabletops to office walls and glass boards to room dividers, glass is used everywhere in the offices. The ceramic tempered glass gives a premium look to the interior while maximizing the flow of natural light in the office. Buy tempered glass for your office and make your office interior stand out.


The use of glass is the benchmark of luxury in hotels. Laminated tempered glass is frequently used in the hotel building facades to give off a vibe of extravaganza from the outside. While the interior designers also incorporate ceramic tempered glass in the interiors to offer exceptional ambiance and elevated opulence.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings should be exquisite inside out to boot the business. Therefore, clear tempered glass panels are used to build the exterior of the commercial buildings. glass is highly employed in the commercial building interiors as well. from overhead glazing to glass flooring and railing system to partition walls, laminated tempered glass is extensively used throughout the commercial buildings.

Door and Windows

Glass has always been used in windows and doors. But with the advent of heat-strengthened glass, the use of glass in windows and doors has skyrocketed. Now the doors and windows don't necessarily need any strong metal supports, the tempered glass panels are strong enough to withstand hard impacts as well as changing weather conditions. So buy tempered glass for your windows and doors and perk up the visual appeal of your home structure.

Decorative Panels

Decorative wall panels are an aesthetic addition to the interior. They can be used as uber-chic space dividers, wall reinforcements, or juts to achieve some extra insulation. The ceramic tempered glass wall panels come in different styles and designs to go with different interior requirements. They give a fancy look to the interior and create a style statement.

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Whether you want the clear tempered and insulated glass to spruce up your home interior, laminated tempered glass to enhance the office exterior, or ceramic glass to adorn a commercial setting, you can have it all here!

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