Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is mostly used in areas where safety is of great concern. Ideally, shower doors, glass wall separators, sneeze guards, tabletops, windows, shelves, backsplashes, and glass doors are made of tempered glass for their strength and added safety compared to ordinary glass. 

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Tempered Glass

Are you looking to enjoy all the benefits that glass has to offer without worrying over durability and safety? You should add tempered glass to your glass collection today! Commonly referred to as toughened glass, tempered glass is called safety glass, that is up to four times stronger than annealed or regular glass. It is a treated form of regular or annealed glass to increase its strength, with improved durability and safety.

Tempered Glass Shapes

Buy tempered glass to fit your needs in the following shapes:


High-quality tempered glass cut into a square-shaped style.


Does your project require a rectangular shaped tempered glass? Get one perfectly cut the shape at an exclusive online marketplace today.


While square and rectangle shapes are common, there are times when you need circular-shaped tempered glass for specific projects, here we make it for you.


Becoming a high demand, oval-shaped tempered glass is loved by many people who like something new, flawlessly cut glass shape.

Irregular Shape

Do you require uncommon tempered glass shapes for your project? Describe what you need, ask the suppliers and they will respond here at Glass Genius.

Major Uses Of Tempered Glass

Due to increased strength, durability, and safety features, tempered glass is used for various needs and purposes. Some of these are:

Tabletop Glass

Tempered glass is commonly used for tabletop glass, thanks to its strength and heat resistance. Unlike other glass types, tempered glass is more resistant to heat up to five times than regular glass. As a result, you can enjoy your meals and activities without the fear of breakage. A tempered glass surface is also scratch-resistant, making it a perfect fit for use as tabletop glass.

Glass Shelves

You’ll find tempered glass as the preferred choice for glass shelves. Beyond their durability, glass shelves can withstand weight and pressure. As a result, heavy objects won’t be a problem on a tempered glass shelf, as it can withstand a force of up to 10,000 PSI and more.

Shower Doors

Increase the style and creativity in your bathroom with frameless glass shower doors. Due to the increased demand for support in frameless shower doors, tempered glass is the perfect glass. Beyond strength and support, the scratch-resistant feature will keep your shower doors looking great for a long time.

Glass Boards

The crystal-clear surface and improved quality of tempered glass make it the top choice for glass boards. Its sturdiness makes glass boards durable, and the clarity means perfect display irrespective of the setting.


Keep the noise out of the home with tempered glass windows. Regular glass windows do not filter out noises and sounds. However, tempered glass has soundproofing features that reduce the amount of noise that filters into your home.

Annealed vs Tempered vs Laminated Glass Table

Characteristic Annealed Tempered Laminated
Flexibility Yes No Yes
Safety No Yes Yes
Sound Reduction No No Yes
Durability No Yes Yes
Dangerous when it breaks High Less Less
Cost Efficient Yes No No

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