Tempered Glass

Tempered glass aka safety glass/toughened glass, is 4 times sturdier than a regular glass pane to stand against the harsh hits and worst weather conditions. The toughened glass available at Glass Genius is offered by trust-worthy fabricators who are experts of their field. Uses of tempered glass panes are several in interior/exterior projects from shower doors to room dividers, from table tops to glass shelves, and much more.

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Properties Of Tempered Glass
tempered glass
Thermal Shock Resistance Up to 250°C
Mechanical Strength Four To Five Times Stronger Than Annealed Glass
Tensile Strength 65 Mpa
Bending Strength 120-200 N/Mm2
Surface Compression > 95 Mpa
Design Stress For Architectural Purposes Fragmentation 50 Mpa
Fragmentation Small Round Crystals
Conducive For Processing Cannot Be Cut After Tempering

Tempered Glass Shapes

Buy custom tempered glass to fit your needs in the following shapes:

Square Tempered Glass


Rectangle Tempered Glass


Circle Shape Tempered Glass


Oval Tempered Glass


Irregular Tempered Glass

Irregular Shape

Is Tempered Glass Durable? - How Strong It Is?

The major difference between tempered glass vs regular glass is the limit to bear the amount of weight and impact, no doubt, toughened glass wins the debate! It’s manufactured through a tempering process, which includes extreme heating temperature and requires a rapid cooling process, called quenching. This instant cooling procedure makes a glass pane 4 times stronger than ordinary glass to provide users with the maximum safety and comfort around. You're most likely not going to face any serious injury when a tempered glass shatters down, as it breaks into small, granular pieces.

Tempered Glass Bridge

Available Thickness of Toughened/Safety Glass Sheets

As per the needs of the customers and depending on where they’re going to use tempered glass panels, Glass Genius gives access to an array of glass thickness options to better use for various purposes.

1/8 5/32
Table with Glass Top

1/8", 5/32"

Opt for table covers, less-used table tops, picture frames, and little projects.

Tempered Glass Shower Panel


Utilize tempered glass sheets with this thickness for glass doors, dining table tops, shower doors, and regular windows.

1/2 3/4
Glass Shower Door

1/2", 3/4"

Best for frameless shower doors as it holds max load, glass shelves, and stair railings.

Tempered Glass Room Divider


Get tempered glass sheets for your shower enclosures, glass walls, or room dividers.

Glass Top Table


Perfect to opt for compact table tops and mini shelves.

Uses of Tempered Glass Panels

Safety glass is the builder's best choice! The reason is its ample benefits and the durability to stand for years and against moderate heat! Browse through its different applications!

Table Top

Table Top

Tempered glass can be a worthy choice if chosen as a table top for coffee tables, side tables, patio tables, dining tables, counter height tables and more.

Doors & Room Dividers

Doors & Room Dividers

Create strengthened glass walls around your space, install a clear and sturdier front or shower door, and separate your dedicated nooks with the help of these safety glass panels and doors.

Tempered Windows Glass

Tempered Windows Glass

A perfect option among transparent, reflective, and long-lasting glass types to utilize for skylights, glass roofs, and regular windows.

Glass Railings

Glass Railings

Make your confined stairway brighter by opting for custom tempered glass railing for pools, balconies, and other commercial areas.

Tempered Glass Shelves & Cabinets

Tempered Glass Shelves & Cabinets

Add a contemporary touch to your home decor by organizing necessary stuff with glass cabinets door and increasing storage via tempered glass shelves.

Glass Chair Mat

Other Usage

Get ordered tempered glass panes for other projects like custom chair mats, backsplash, fire pit guard, fireplace, cutting boards, tempered glass replacement tasks, sports arenas and much more.

Custom Tempered Glass Replacement

For your customized and unique projects, Glass Genius lets you order tempered glass cut to size, in every required style, shape, and thickness range, so it can fulfill the requirement of the DIY project. Either if it’s about style, aesthetics, shape, edging, or corner finishings, we have it all! At Glass Genius, get ordered from a range of experienced and trusted fabricators to avail the comforts of tempered glass panes.

Custom Tempered Glass Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you drill holes in the tempered glass?

No! You can’t drill holes in tempered glass sheets, it would shatter! Instead, if your requirement contains holes in toughened glass panes, it can be easily done before the tempering procedure.

How much does tempered glass cost?

Well, a single piece of tempered glass can cost you ranging from $10 to $40 per square foot. It totally depends that how much will it cost including how much thickness you need, the style, length, and other finishings.

Is Tempered Glass more expensive than laminated glass?

Tempered glass can be a bit more expensive than regular glass, but it is worth it all! Also, it’s way cheaper than laminated glass!


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