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Swinging glass shower door features a swinging glass panel hinged to the shower wall. Some swing glass shower doors allow two-way operation while others only operate unidirectionally. Swinging glass panels for shower enclosures add convenience, style, and functionality to the shower. Glass genius offers an extensive collection of swinging glass doors. Explore the collection to find the best fit for your shower.

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Frameless Swinging Shower Door

Frameless swinging shower doors don't have any framing material for support. They flaunt an all-glass aesthetic. Only metal hinges or clips are used to hold the glass panels in place. The lack of frames gives this variant of swinging glass shower doors a sublime visual appeal. Frames are responsible for support and door strength. But in frameless shower doors, a strengthened glass of suitable thickness is used to account for the needed support. Tempered glass shower panels are the preferred choice for their sturdiness and high safety value. Frameless swinging glass shower doors are the epitome of aesthetic brilliance. You can channel their refined aesthetics to elevate any bathroom interior.

Frameless Swinging Shower Door

Recommended Glass Thickness for Swing Glass Shower Door

Recommended Glass Thickness for Swing Glass Shower Door

For a framed swinging glass door, the recommended shower door glass thickness is ⅜ inches. However, for frameless shower doors, ½ inches tempered glass shower panels are the right choice. The premade swinging shower panels are typically made by following these measurements. However, at glass genius, you can order glass shower panels cut to size to suit your unique project requirements. Along with size, you can also avail of other personalization options like tint, finishing, shower door hardware, and accessories.


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