Glass Corner Shelves

A Glass Corner Shelf lets you maximize the aesthetic appeal of your home décor without breaking the bank. These corner shelves are readymade, but you can also buy custom glass shelves to perfectly match with your home décor settings. Buy your chosen floating glass corner shelves from Glass Genius, a reliable glass marketplace serving the glass requirements of homeowners and businesses for years. You can shop for a corner glass shelf in any size, thickness, design, and color.

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Wall Mounted Glass Corner Shelves Style Options

When it comes to choosing the right wall-mounted corner glass shelf style, you have these options to choose from.

Triangle Glass Shelves

You get some extra space for storing various items with triangle glass shelves. Their triangle shape makes them ideal for installing in corners. You can install them in the corner of your bathroom, kitchen, or even the bedroom. For bathroom spaces, you can store toiletries on top of these shelves. For bedrooms, they can be used to display a decorative item.

Quarter Round Glass Shelves

The quarter-round glass shelves are also a great add-on for any living space. They are made from quality tempered glass that ensures maximum safety and durability. These wall mounted corner shelves have flat polished edges and a smooth scratch-resistant surface on top. This lets you easily place lightweight items, showcase your collectibles, or simply place a decorative item. The choice is yours.

Applications of Quarter Round Glass Shelves

These tempered glass corner shelves not just look great but also increase the financial worth of your property. Install them in your room corner and see how well they’ll perform over time.

Home Décor

Quarter-round glass shelves are ideal for installing in room corners. Homeowners can display or showcase fancy crockery items, and collectibles on these glass shelves.


By installing these glass shelves, you can store toiletries without any fancy modification. These shelves take up less space, look great, and are easy to install.


Your kitchen space might be short on storage. The quarter round-corner glass shelves are perfect for you if that's the case. Their flat polished edges and transparent glass feel lets nothing get close to them.

Retail Stores

The compact form factor of floating glass corner shelves makes them a suitable storage shelf option for retail stores. Various lightweight items such as candies, tin food, chocolates, and gift items can be placed on these shelves.

Work Spaces

These glass shelves have also made their way to the workspace. Therefore, to complement your office décor, round glass shelves are no short of any benefits.

Beauty Salon

You might have seen fancy quarter round glass shelves at your local beauty salon or spa. They can easily bear the load of lightweight items. Further, their flat beveled edges make them look even classier.


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