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Glass Chair Mat

Glass chair mats are the perfect accessory to elevate the functional and aesthetic status of any workplace. A glass chair mat for carpet allows you to comfortably move the chair across your work table without damaging the carpet. So add the glass office chair mats into your workspace and score some practical points.

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Available Shapes for Glass Office Chair Mat

Office floor mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match different space requirements. Glass Genius prides itself in the wide assortment of tempered glass chair mats. Here are some chair mat shapes that are popular among the masses.


Rectangular glass office mats offer a suitable coverage area and allow convenient chair movement.


Square glass mats have a symmetrical shape and serve as the perfect glass desk chair mats for relatively smaller workspaces.


Round floor mats create a focal point in the office. They work well for small as well as large office spaces.


This design features an enhanced platform that covers some extra space under the desk. Tabbed office floor mats enable you to slide into the work table and boost your concentration.

Recommended Thickness of Glass Desk Chair Mat 1

Recommended Thickness of Glass Desk Chair Mat

Usually, glass mats of different thickness ranges are used for different types of flooring. However, ¼” is considered the standard thickness for glass mats. A ¼” mat is considered the perfect glass chair mat for carpet as well as a hardwood floor. Glass Genius props a wide selection of glass office chair mats of different thicknesses, from reliable merchandisers and fabricators.

Recommended Thickness of Glass Desk Chair Mat 2

Frequently Asked Questions
Is a glass chair mat worth it?
Do glass chair mats break?
Do glass chair mats work on carpet?

Glass mats are specially made to save the carpet from the damage that the office chair causes. In fact, it is highly recommended to use glass chair mat for carpet. From high-pile to low-pile, glass office mats work for every type of carpet.

Is tempered glass good for chair mats?

Tempered glass is the ideal glass type to be used in office mats. It is impact resistant as well as safe to use. Therefore, tempered glass is used in most glass chair mats.

How big of a chair mat do I need?

In order to ensure floor safety, the glass mats should be adequately bigger than the desk or chair for which it is used. A 36” x 48” mat is suitable for a standard office chair or desk.

How do you measure a chair mat?

To buy the right chair mat, measure the width and length of the approximate roll area on your floor. The roll area is specified as the estimated space on which you move your chair. Also, note the lipped area under the desk from your sitting position if you intend on buying a tabbed floor mat.

How do you keep a glass chair mat from moving?

Most glass chair mats come with some kinda do grippers or claw backs to hold the mat in its place. However, you can add an additional layer of support by using non-skid underlays or rug pads.


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