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Gym Mirrors

Garage gym mirrors, or dance studio mirrors are names of the same mirror with multiple usages. Gym wall mirrors help in rectifying your postures when an instructor isn’t around, find an extended variety of gym mirrors for sale, at Glass Genius.

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Large Mirror for Home Gym and Workout Room

Large Mirror for Home Gym and Workout Room

Trick out extra natural light and widened spaces in your home gyms by emplacing a large mirror for home gym! Unlike professional workout centers, it could be a tough call to find the perfect home gym mirror that goes exactly with the diversified dimensions. We at Glass Genius help you to turn your garage into a workout station, set up a dance studio, or build a home fitness center and make finding the right mirror for home gyms super easy and convenient.

We shall walk you through the extensive collection of various glass fabricators at Glass Genius to help you explore your options.

Applications Of Gym Mirror

Apart from professional and home workout spaces, home gym mirrors can be installed for different interior trends accordingly. Check out some common applications of a gym mirror (home, gym, dance studios, etc.)

In The Fitness Room

In The Fitness Room

The most apparent application of gym wall mirrors is in the fitness centers to improve your posture by monitoring yourself in a large mirror for the home gym.

Dance Studios

Dance Studios

The Full-Length Wall Mirrors or dance studio mirrors help the dance students know their mistakes and the shatterproof gym mirrors for workout rooms keep the surroundings secure.

Activity Rooms

Activity Rooms

A large wall mirror for gym fits into the activity room encourages the kids to identify mistakes and do better.

Sports And Athletic Training Centers

Sports And Athletic Training Centers

Mirrors enhance the practice of athletes in the training centers and let them do practice even without coaches.

Professional Fitness Studios

Professional Fitness Studios

HD tempered glass mirrors provide high-definition reflection and help in improving the sweat sessions.

Glacier Design

Garage Gym Mirrors

The garage gym instantly elevates the vibe of the garage from a storage space to a practical workout zone.

Recommended Thickness For A Gym Wall Mirror

Typically, a 3mm thicker home gym mirror is considered perfect for home usage and a 5mm thickness would work well for commercial applications. The reason is simple: at the gym, mirrors are surrounded by heavy equipment, so they are made shatterproof and thicker gym mirrors are recommended to be used for commercial workout spots.

Recommended Thickness For A Gym Wall Mirror

Annealed Mirror VS. Tempered Mirror

Annealed Mirror VS. Tempered Mirror

Tempered glass mirror is 4 times stronger and able to resist harsh weather, forces, and extreme heat. Manufactured with a slow cooling procedure, it tends to shatter into small round pebble-like pieces, causing no harm to people surrounding it. However, they are a little bit more expensive than annealed mirrors.

The annealed mirror is somehow feeble than tempered, so couldn’t bear as much weight as tempered glass can. The sharp and long-pointed shards scattered after any hit, can seriously cause damage. At Glass Genius fabricators produce high-quality mirror for home gyms to enhance security.

Gym Mirror with Safety Backing

At Glass Genius, you have access to sturdy gym mirrors with safety backing film. This way, shatterproof gym mirrors are made secure to use anywhere in the house. Safety backing film makes sure the falling broken pieces don't harm anyone.

With Safety Backing
Without Safety Backing

Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Should Gym Mirrors Cost?

The cost of a large wall mirror for the gym usually depends on the thickness, type, style, and size of the mirror. Thicker the tempered glass, the more costly it would be. Typically these mirrors cost from $450 to $750, depending on various factors when it comes to custom mirrors.

What Size Mirror Do You Need For A Home Gym?

The most convenient and suitable standard size of the gym mirrors for not too compact spaces is around 3 feet by 5 feet. Well, this size is perfect for frameless gym mirrors.

Are Gym Mirrors Different From Home Mirrors?

Well, there’s a fine line between gym mirrors and regular mirrors, and it’s all about the thickness of the gym mirrors. Normal mirrors are a little bit thinner when it comes to glass thickness, so create a dense reflection.

How Much Space Do You Need For Gym Mirrors?

Basically, gym mirrors do not need any specific monitoring, you simply would be needing 3 feet by 5 feet space to install a gym mirror of standard size.

Do Gym Mirrors Need To Be Tempered?

If you need to do safe workouts, you should buy a tempered glass home gym mirror, as it's a strengthened sort of gym mirror.

What Is A Tempered Mirror?

As compared to normal glass, tempered glass involves a slow annealing process, which results in its sturdy and strong nature. Tempered glass is less likely to break easily, even if it shatters, it will scatter into small, round pieces leaving everyone safe around.

What Is An Annealed Mirror?

Annealed glass usually breaks easily and scatters into long sharp shards, because it’s a softer sort of glass rapidly thermally treated, and cooled down to remove any internal stress.

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