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Custom cut glass and mirrors fulfill your unique design needs. Choose from the versatile glass types with the required thickness for your custom windows, wall separator, tabletop, backsplash shower door, or any other application. Custom cut mirrors add a decorative piece of designs on the walls that show your interior design in artistic style.  

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Custom Cut Glass and Mirror

Customized glass cutting is the ultimate solution for individual design requirements. Glass is extensively used in our daily lives. From windows to glass doors, shower door, office partitions to conference tables and floating shelves to furniture, glass is everywhere around us. But in order to use the glass viably, it must be of the right size. Therefore, custom cut glass is used to comply with the different project parameters.

Custom Cut Glass and Mirror

Glass Genius Offers Glass Custom Cut Order Service

At Glass Genius, we have a wide assortment of custom cut glass and mirrors to fulfill your unique design requirements. Our custom cut glass is carefully created to match exactly to your stated specifications. We source only the highest quality glass to provide our esteemed customers with the best.

Adorn your place with our top-notch glass and mirror products or benefit from our customized glass cutting amenity. Just send in your design specifications and avail our exceptional glass cut to order & glass table tops services.

Glass Genius Offers Glass Custom Cut Order Service

Cut to Size Glass

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a custom-cut glass sheet cost?

The cost of custom cutting depends largely on the size, type, and thickness of the glass. It could cost as little as $2 to as much as $25 per square foot to custom cut glass.

What is the industry-standard cutting tolerance in custom glass?

The cutting tolerance is different for different glass thicknesses. The industry-standard cutting tolerance for ⅛” to ¼” is (+/-) 1/16”. While the tolerance for ⅜” to ¾” glass is (+/-) ⅛”.

Can glass be cut in any shape?

Glass can easily be cut into any geometric shape. Cutting the glass into curved shapes, however, requires special skills. The required shape is broken down into two or more shapes to achieve the desired end product. So we can say that with professional skills, glass can be cut into pretty much any shape.

What is the difference between annealed and tempered glass?

Annealed glass is the ordinary glass that breaks on a hard impact. While tempered glass is toughened through superheating followed by a quick cooling process. Tempered glass is highly impact-resistant. In the event of breakage, tempered glass shatters into small harmless pieces. On the contrary, broken annealed glass is injurious.

Is there any way to cut tempered glass?

Tempered glass cannot generally be cut or drilled. It can be cut through special laser cutters that are only available in professional spaces. Another way is to reverse the tempering process, cut the glass, and re-temper it. Both these methods require professional assistance so it is not recommended to cut tempered glass at home.

Do you offer a Custom Shower Door?

Along with the wide collection of glass enclosures, the fabricators at glass genius also offer superior-quality custom shower doors. You can get in touch with any supplier and ask for custom-cut services.

What is the normal ETA for the custom order?

The standard ETA for a custom order is 3 to 4 weeks after the approval of fabrication drawings. Note that the ETA would be calculated from the day you place the order. Not from the day you get quotes for the order.

What is cheaper glass?

The float glass that doesn't go through any strengthening process is the cheapest of all types of glass. However, acrylic glass is considered a cheaper alternative to standard glass.


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