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Acrylic Table Top

Owing to its versatility and durability, acrylic glass is emerging as the perfect alternative to standard glass. Acrylic glass furniture is taking the interior design industry by storm. Plexiglass table tops serve as the perfect coffee tables, nightstands, and dining tables. They are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Integrate plexiglass table tops to give an aesthetic boost to your space.

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Protect Your Furniture with Acrylic Table Top Protector

Clear furniture has a remarkable ability to enhance any interior aesthetics by complementing other aspects of the given space. A modern and more effective approach to keeping your clear table tops shiny is to use acrylic table top protectors. Typically ¼” thick plexiglass sheets are used as plexiglass table covers. They are placed over the primary table top to add a layer of protection. Acrylic table top protectors help maintain the glossy finish of your clear furniture and prevent any direct damage to the table surface. Browse through our collection of plexiglass table top covers and save your clear table tops from daily wear and tear.

Protect Your Furniture With Acrylic Table

Acrylic Table Top Replacement

Acrylic Table Top Replacement

Wooden, steel, and other solid furnishing items break the view and create a feeling of compactness. Acrylic furniture, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for achieving modern minimal aesthetics. The light feel and clear aesthetics are especially valued in studio apartments and small living spaces. Clear plexiglass table tops facilitate the continuous flow of light and create a feeling of spaciousness. Acrylic furniture serves well for indoor and outdoor applications. So go for acrylic table top replacement and transform your space aesthetics altogether.

Uses of Plexiglass Table Top

Plexiglass has not only proved its worth in interior enhancement but it also works great for outdoor applications. From everyday applications to high-end commercial ventures, acrylic glass is leading the way with its strength and flexibility. Here are some places where we can channel the brilliance of plexiglass table tops.

dining table with acrylic top

Dining Tables

Owing to their temperature resistance, plexiglass table tops serve as perfect dining tables.

coffee table with acrylic top

Coffee Tables

Due to the clear aesthetics, the acrylic plastic table top qualifies as an excellent focal point for the living rooms.

Side table with acrylic top

Side Tables

Small side tables with plexiglass for the table top are a practical addition to the interior space.

Kitchen countertop with acrylic top

Kitchen Countertops

Acrylic countertops are a practical alternative to glass tops in the kitchen as acrylic can endure hard impacts.

Patio table with acrylic top

Patio Tables

Acrylic patio table tops are ideal for outdoor applications because of their strength and ability to endure weather changes.

Office table with acrylic top

Office Tables

Plexiglass is ideal for a number of commercial applications. It can be used in meeting tables, cabin table tops, and office desks.

Custom Plexiglass Table Top

Glass Genius is a one-stop shop for all your plexiglass-related needs. We have a wide selection of acrylic glass products. Our premade collection of plexiglass table tops includes round table tops of different sizes and thicknesses. You can order re-made products or place orders for custom plexiglass table tops. You can also reach out to the team to order custom plexiglass table tops. Share your personalized product requirements and we will design it for you.

Custom Plexiglass Table Top

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Acrylic Table Tops heat resistant?

Acrylic glass can safely endure heat up to 85 degree centigrade which make it a good material for outdoor use.

Does Acrylic yellow over time?

Acrylic glass doesn't lose its clarity over time. Even exposure to sunlight for an extended period of time doesn't make the acrylic go yellow or pale.

Is acrylic tops cheaper than glass tops?

Acrylic table tops are not only cheaper than glass table tops but they are also lightweight and easy to handle.

How thick should an acrylic table top be?

An acrylic sheet of 5 mm to 8mm thickness qualifies as a sturdy option for tabletop.

Does plexiglass scratch easily?

It is comparatively easy for plexiglass to get scratches. However, it's possible to get rid of the surface scratches through some simple DIY methods.


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