Sneeze Guard

To ensure social distancing and take stringent measures to avoid COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, Sneeze guard installation becomes essential for all departmental stores, offices, banks, reception counters and educational institutions. Sneeze guards made of tempered glass or plexiglass ensure safety and durability in their applications. 

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Glass Sneeze Guard

Sneeze guards, sometimes referred to as sneeze shields, are specially designed pieces of glass that create a physical barrier between people so that they stay protected from the spread of germs. But because sneeze shields are made from various types of glass, they remain easy to see through so that you do not feel a hurdle in any social interactions.
Sneeze shields are lightweight, safe, and easy to use—invest in one today and protect tomorrow’s health.

Hanging Sneez Guard

Sneeze Guard Types

Glass sneeze guard shields come in many different types, so that no matter how or where you need them, they will be ready to keep you and others safe.

Permanent Sneeze Guard

This is the type of protective sneeze shield that permanently adheres to whatever location you are placing it. This could be for a reception counter sneeze shield, an office work station, or in schools, restaurants, banks, or hospitals. If the sneeze guard is not going to be moved, it is the best to fasten it securely into place.

Portable Sneeze Guard

Need to take your sneeze guard with you? Then a portable sneeze guard is a perfect option. That can be placed anywhere and, make sure you are safe and protected from germs.

Hanging / Suspended Sneeze Guard

Sometimes the best option for protecting against germs requires a hanging or suspended sneeze guard. This could be for a place that needs a barrier between two people but does not need to reach the floor, such as a checkout counter sneeze guard.

Standing Sneeze Guard

Another great option, standing sneeze guards are positions on the floor and extend high enough to prevent germs during face-to-face interactions. These can come in the form of both permanent and portable sneeze guards.

Material Used for Sneeze Guards

The best sneeze shields are made from strong and seamless glass. Because they act as protective barriers, they must be made from clear material so that people can still see through it. However, clear plastic is not durable enough to last a long time.

Instead, Plexiglass sneeze guards, which are acrylic sneeze guards, are the best option. Acrylic sneeze guards are shatter-resistant and clear to see through, so they make the best materials to protect people on both sides for the entire time they are being used.

Uses for Sneeze Guards

How do you need to use your glass sneeze shield? The great thing about using a protective sneeze guard is that they can be used in countless settings.

Reception Counter

Reception counters are places with frequent interactions—which means a high potential to spread germs. A desk sneeze guard can protect both the customers and the receptionist from getting sick.

Office Work Station

An office work station is a great place for a tabletop sneeze guard or a desk sneeze guard, keeping you and your coworkers safe and protected from all kinds of airborne germs.

School Desks

No school desk is complete without a desk sneeze guard. Classrooms are easy places for germs to spread, so adding these sneeze shields will help keep everyone healthy.


Sometimes social distancing is not enough to prevent germs from spreading—adding Plexiglass sneeze guards in restaurants will protect patrons and staff alike. They also make customers feel safer, which is always important.

Café Tables

You can’t eat food with a mask on! So how can you limit the spread of germs at café tables? Add tabletop sneeze guards as a barrier between people sitting and the wait staff.


With frequent interactions and dirty bills touched by anybody, it is important banks install sneeze shields so that everyone can feel protected while managing their money.


In no other place is it more important to keep germs from spreading than the hospitals. The safest and healthiest hospitals invest in sneeze guards to keep patients, staff, and visitors all protected.


Sneeze guard works as a shield between drivers and passengers from cross-contamination of airborne viruses. A custom sneeze is a great fit for any vehicle which can easily slide forward and backward.


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