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50 products

Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves show a unique way to display items as if they are floating in the air. They simply add a modern touch to the interior decor. Ideally, contemporary homes and offices make use of glass shelves to display decorative items. They are not only budget-friendly but also elegant looking and sturdy types of interior items. Corner glass shelves, wall shelves, curved shelves, and other types of options give your interior perfect to decorate on a budget.

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Custom Glass Shelves

Add both style and functionality to any room in your house with beautiful new glass shelves! Glass shelving offers homeowners a unique blend of elegance, usefulness, and long-lasting durability. The best part? Regardless of your interior design, custom glass shelves can be ordered to ensure you are getting the most outstanding fit for your home. Glass shelves come in several different styles, glass types, and glass edges, all made for whatever use you need.

Glass Shelf Style

Glass shelves come in a variety of styles to fit any space. Some of the best include:

Rectangle Glass Shelf

A sleek look for long walls or a modern design, rectangular shelves are a great choice.

Quarter Circle Glass Shelf

Need glass shelves in the corner of a room? Quarter circle shelves are your best option.

Triangle Glass Shelf

For a unique look that will stand out from ordinary shelves in the corner of the room, triangle shelves are best.

Bent Glass Shelf

Bent glass shelves give you multiple layers of shelf space in a single shelf.

Glass Shelf Accessories

We also have an assortment of accessories for your glass shelves, including brackets and screws.

Custom Glass Shelf

Need something ultimately unique? Design custom glass shelves to match your vision.

Which Glass is the Best for Shelves?

If you want to enhance your home storage in the most stylish way, wall-mounted glass shelves could be it for you. Practical and fashion-forward, the floating glass shelves not only offer the perfect storage solution but also add a refined style statement to the interior. The clear glass shelves give a contemporary storage boost to the interior space. You can store your valuables off-limits or display the collectibles on sturdy glass shelves.

Tempered glass is the preferred choice for glass shelves as it is strong enough to hold heavy things. You can conveniently put your belongings on the floating glass shelves without the fear of the shelving unit being broken. Therefore, it's the best choice for glass shelves.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass shelves offer the perfect combination of strength and durability.

Laminated Glass

For the strongest glass shelves, turn to laminated glass.

Frosted Glass

Different from ordinary clear glass, frosted glass gives a unique look to contrast items that it holds.


Lightweight, strong, and shatter-resistant, Plexiglass is an outstanding alternative to tempered glass shelves.

Available Glass Edges

Don’t overlook the edges! A stylish edge can make glass shelves stand out. Here are some excellent options for the edges:

Seamed Edge

An amazing choice for a simplistic design look, seamed edges look great in any setting.

Flat Polished Edge

Want a shiny edge but need it for a minimalist design? A flat polished edge is your best option.

Pencil Polished Edge

Round like a pencil, yet beautifully polished for an elegant look. A pencil polished edge is a classic choice.

Beveled Polished Edge

Beveled polished edges offer fancy angles that are certain to give the shelf a stylish look.

Uses for Glass Shelves

Wall-mounted glass shelves are the ultimate storage solution for any interior space. Be it a home living room, a posh restaurant, or a commercial office setting, glass shelves are perfect for any interior. The floating glass shelves maximize the given space in the most effective manner. The clear surface allows an uninterrupted flow of light and adds depth to the interior.

Moreover, the wall-mounted glass shelves functionally enhance the vertical space that is usually ignored. All in all, tempered glass shelves work in the best interest of any given space. From residential spaces to commercial settings, glass shelves have their applications everywhere.

How Much Does A Tempered Glass Shelf Cost

How Much Does A Tempered Glass Shelf Cost?

Floating glass shelves are great to cater to all the space and design challenges. The best thing about tempered glass shelves is that they don't cost you an arm and a leg. You can conveniently install the wall-mounted glass shelves at a reasonable price.

Although the price of glass shelves varies based on the size and thickness of the glass sheet. But you can get tempered glass shelves for $30 to $80 depending on the design and style. However, the custom glass shelves could cost a bit more according to your design specifications.

Choose From Our Wide Range of Pre-made and Custom Glass Shelves

At Glass Genius, you can find a wide assortment of glass corner shelf for living rooms and floating glass shelves. The community of glass suppliers and fabricators at Glass Genius offers different types, styles, and designs of premade floating glass shelves. You can also order custom glass shelves for your interior space. Browse through the online Glass Genius platform and explore your options.

How Much Does A Tempered Glass Shelf Cost

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