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Glass Shower Door

Shower doors are the modern-day bathroom-styling option to add grace to your bathing space in the most subtle way. What many people don’t understand is that shower doors are as important as anything else in your bathroom interior. You have to choose the right and most appropriate kind of fixed shower doors for your bathroom. Considering its design, choosing the color combination based on the size of the bathroom is vital.

Shower Door Types

There are numerous types of shower doors that you can attach to your bathroom. One of the options you have is a frameless shower door. They pivot out when opened and closed, looking quite decent to the eye. Another option you have is a frameless shower enclosure. This one is for the more spacious bathrooms. It gives your bathroom the modern look that everybody loves. Next on the list are the Bi- Fold Shower Doors. These elegant shower doors are made for corner bathrooms having inwards folding panels. Lastly, you have the curved glass shower door to style your bathroom gorgeously. You can make your own walk-in shower with these beautifully created shower doors.

Fixed Shower Screen Buy here!

Install a modern spa-like and spacious walk-in shower! Fixed shower screens prevent water from splashing all around, with the help of a clear seal usually installed at the bottom. These fixed screen walk-in showers are far more convenient for small spaces; they reflect the light by leaving an illusion of having great space behind. Fixed screens demand less maintenance with a remarkable view of a small bathroom.

Glass Shower Doors

Update your traditional bathrooms with modish and convenient glass shower doors. Made of heightened-quality and toughened glass, these glass shower doors can bounce back many of your shower-related problems. With the protective seal at the bottom of each corner, forget the water splashing all over the floor or rusting of curtain rods. Serving hundreds of designs with top-notch quality!

Door & Panel Shower Doors

What else can be so perfect a fabulous combination of a panel and shower door. Having spacious shower areas differentiate your bathroom interiors with a fixed panel, that is quite easy to maintain cleanliness and a moveable shower door. Go! Grab yours, or go for a customized one (just to make sure it can maintain your privacy)!

Corner Shower

Just don’t leave your corner showers bare, behind! Now style them by adding a corner shower door that can literally maintain the cleanliness and outlook of your small bathroom. Having a strict seal at the bottom and stainless frame allow convenient baths. Usually, they are customizable, just to make sure they can better fit in with your requirements.

Neo Angle Showers

Neo angle shower doors fit best with irregular shower areas or the ones that are constructed at a 135-degree angle etc. These are often customized, as every shower area is somehow constructed on different and certain angles to each other. Firm and sturdy neo angle shower doors allow you to sustain your privacy while taking showers.

Steam Showers

Install steam shower doors for awesome and spa-like steam showers. Tempered glass steam shower doors are a perfect option for steam showers; allowing minimum or almost no steam to leak out from the shower area, by keeping good ventilation. Feel healthy with your home-made spa or steam showers!

Metro Sliding Shower Doors Buy here!

Boost up your bathroom spaces with these stylish; metro sliding shower doors! That comes with several options, either to keep the right door moveable or the left one, right according to your comfort. Keeping one side sturdy, the other movable door gives you a fabulous experience with smooth openings and closings. Check out the variety of metro sliding shower doors!

ByPass Sliding Doors

Small shower spaces would be favored with ByPass sliding shower doors, that are moveable from both sides. ByPass shower doors provide ultimate convenience when it comes to nurturing the shower doors. Easy to install, maintain, and sits beautifully with the entire décor!

Shower Glass Types

A shower glass is another assortment in your bathroom that adds versatility of grace to your bathing space. There are different glass types available for your bathroom. They take different materials, forms, and shapes. All of them are super elegant on their own and look extremely attractive. Here, you will see all the possible types of shower glass presented.

Clear Standard Glass

It is the basic kind of clear glass in its appearance. This majestic clear glass adds to the beauty of your bathroom like nothing else. Also, it is the most economic option.

Low-Iron Shower Glass

For an even clearer and sparkly option, you can get a low iron glass for your bathroom. It has a reduced amount of iron in it so it is clear from all sides.

Rain Glass Shower Doors

A rain shower door is fine in quality and quite appealing in looks. Its raindrop design gives it the alluring appearance your bathroom needs. It is super easy to clean and maintain.

Tinted Glass Shower Doors

These tinted shower doors set a dark theme for your bathroom. And, the combination of dark and white look the finest.

Bronze Shower Doors

You can have an elite bathroom to yourself once you install the bronze shower door. Its gold-shaded color coding goes perfectly with the whole atmosphere. With this, you get the best style and color- coding for your bathroom design.

Frosted Shower Doors

Keeping the privacy on top priority, the frosted shower door in your bathroom gives it a unique look and adds elegance. It is amazing how a shower door can be easy to maintain. This is how the frosted shower door is distinct from others.

How to Take Measurement for Ordering a Right Shower Door?

The inappropriate size of the glass will make all your efforts go in vain. Hence, it is important to take the door’s measurement cautiously; taking measurements for custom glass shower doors is a bit tricky.

Here, we will take you through the process of how you will go about taking measurements accurately.

Tools You'ill Need

Measure the width

Firstly, you will have to note the size of your door and its width. You have to grab a measuring tape and take a horizontal measurement of your space.

Measure the height

Once the width is measured, the next measure is the height of the shower door. You will be required to know how tall your glass door should be, so measure each side of the opening.

Check the surface level

Next, you will have to ensure that the glass door surface has properly leveled. For this, checking the surface level will be crucial. The surface will have to be even so the door is attached properly; in case of any gap, measure it as well to ensure the perfect final fit.

Measure the shower door angles

Now comes the last step of measurement that is a bit tricky. Here you will find out the shower door angles. For this you have to take measurements along the base of the shower door, it is how you cover the little details of fixing a shower door’s panels perfectly.

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