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Prepend an intense theme to the bathroom interior with our affordable and high-end quality shower glass or premade frameless glass shower doors. Rather let us know your requirements for your custom shower glass doors to make a dream bathroom appearance.

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Shop From Ready-Made Collection

Choose from a range of ready-to-ship pre-made shower doors.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors add to the bathroom’s interior with multiplication in the number of benefits including the brighter space, and elegant & confined look. Glass shower doors make the most of the modern interior impression, once selected the right glass type, size, style, and framing options. At Glass Genius, opt for your favored glass shower door from an array of styles and customizing options.

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Frameless Glass Shower Doors-3

Different Types

Different styles of shower doors correspond to different space requirements. Hinged, sliding, swinging, corner, fixed, and bifold are some of the best examples. Let's explore the various types briefly.

Fixed Shower Screen
Fixed Shower Screens Buy here!

Design a modern spa-like feel in your home with this style. The fixed panels block water from splashing all around the bathroom. The fixed-screen creates a style of the walk-in shower that is perfect, especially for small spaces.

Glass Shower Doors
Glass Shower Doors

Update your bathrooms with aesthetic and functional enclosures. Keep your bathroom floor from getting wet and moist after every bath in the most helpful way.

Door & Panel Shower Doors
Clear Doors & Panels

This type marks a combination of a clear panel and a door. This enclosure offers high practical value. Due to its broad and absolute structure.

Corner Shower
Corner Enclosure

The bathroom corners are usually left ignored. You can make the most of these corners with corner-style enclosures. Well, this clear enclosure is the finest choice for small bathrooms. The reason is, it will take up the un-touched space and broaden it.

Neo Angle Showers
Neo Angle Enclosure

Neo-angle shower doors work best for uncommon bathroom dimensions. It features a space-saving design. This neo-angle design is created by installing three panels between two corner walls. Now, you can order a custom neo-angle enclosure too. Three panels are installed between the two corner walls to compete for your bathroom specifications.

Steam Showers
Steam Showers

Install the absolute enclosure for steam showers. Tempered glass panels are used in this design to keep the steam inside. So that, you can enjoy the spa-like steam baths with convenience.

Metro Sliding Shower Doors
Metro Sliding Doors Buy here!

Improve your bathroom space with a sleek and stylish metro sliding enclosure! You can select to keep the right/left door moveable in this specific style. Enjoy smooth door operation with these sliding enclosures.

ByPass Sliding Doors
Bypass Doors

This enclosure design suits small bathroom spaces. The clear panels are installed on a metal track. The panels bypass each other on the rails for opening and closing mechanisms.

How much does a Glass Shower Door Cost?

The cost of Frameless glass shower doors typically range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending upon the glass type, door size, and style structure you select. A frameless shower door is a bit more costly than framed shower doors yet it’s the preferred alternative to shower curtains. Speaking about semi-frameless shower doors, they add up the brilliance, charm, and equal functionality and come at reasonable prices typically starting from $500. The installation cost of a shower door may vary from one to another, check out the factors that may affect the whole cost.

How much does a Glass Shower Door Cost

Surface Protection for Shower Glass

Shower glass surface protection tends to be the practical addition to the glass surface in order to prevent any mineral deposits, hard water spots, soap scums, and other problems that are more probable in the case of glass doors. Here are 3 main types of surface protection for bathroom shower doors.



It’s a type of glass pane which is manufactured with an advanced protection coating blended with the surface. This helps prevent the glass pane from any severe damage, getting soap scums, and harsh effects like extreme heat or humidity.



Well, this helps to remove the hard water spots and stubborn soap scums and keep protecting the glass pane from building any other soap scums or mildew.



That’s a covered glass pane designed to shield the glass surface from any corrosion, extreme humidity, and if the door is way too exposed to heat.

How to Take Measurement for Ordering a Right Shower Door?

The inappropriate size of the glass will make all your efforts go in vain. Hence, it is important to take the door’s measurement cautiously; taking measurements for custom glass shower doors is a bit tricky.

Here, we will take you through the process of how you will go about taking measurements accurately.

Things you’ll Need

Measure Measure Measure Measure pencil
Measure the width
Measure the width

Firstly, you will have to note the size of your door and its width. You have to grab a measuring tape and take a horizontal measurement of your space.

Measure the height
Measure the height

Once the width is measured, the next measure is the height of the shower door. You will be required to know how tall your glass door should be, so measure each side of the opening.

Check the surface level
Check the surface level

Next, you will have to ensure that the glass door surface has been properly leveled. For this, checking the surface level will be crucial. The surface will have to be even so the door is attached properly; in case of any gap, measure it as well to ensure the perfect final fit.

Measure the shower door angles
Measure the shower door angles

Now comes the last step of measurement that is a bit tricky. Here you will find out the shower door angles. For this you have to take measurements along the base of the shower door, it is how you cover the little details of fixing a shower door’s panels perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are frameless shower doors worth it?

A frameless shower door provides a handful of convenience and the top benefit can be its cleanliness. Doors without any frames are pretty much easy to clean up and maintain, so you can keep the soap scums, mildew, and other grimy debris.

What kind of glass shower doors are best?

No doubt, tempered glass has been the best glass for shower doors till now and the most preferred option due to its enhanced strength and clear visibility. Keep your shower doors protected and durable with Glass Genius.

Which shower glass is best?

While selecting from ample glass choices, one must choose tempered glass for added benefits including lifetime safety, long-lived durability, and the cost that is worth it all.

What is the easiest way to clean a glass shower door?

Buying any glass cleaning agent helps to keep the shower doors clean for long periods of time but in the end, they have- chemicals. Simply mix equal parts of Vinegar and Water and use it as a homemade glass cleaner to clean the shower glass.

Do all frameless shower doors leak?

Frameless glass shower doors never ‘Leak’. They might have some minor gaps in the door sides or hinges when installed, but they do not come out as shower door leaks unless water passes through with great pressure. Also, rubber water stoppers prevent water from splashing around.

Are shower doors hard to install?

If you know the right tools and techniques, then frameless glass shower door installation isn’t a big deal. It’s quite straightforward, or you may check out this guide for further information regarding shower door installation.

What is the difference between a hinged shower door and a pivot shower door?

A hinged shower door has a pivot hinge on one side of the door to support the door from top to the bottom allowing the door to rotate while keeping it in place. Pivot doors are way more functional as they provide convenience and are more productive as they can open up to 180 degrees in either direction.

What is the standard size of a frameless glass shower door?

Standard shower door sizes are normally between 22” wide and 36” wide. Keep in mind that 36’’ is the maximum possible width because of the amount of weight of bathroom walls and hinges can bear this much maximum weight.


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